Uber to give some riders the right to have drivers remain silent

Uber is rolling out new perks for folks choosing Uber Black and Uber Black SUV when they decide to ride in a stranger’s car.

From Business Insider

Riders who want to keep conversation between themselves and their drivers to a minimum can select “quiet mode,” and they can enjoy other perks like luggage service, freedom to choose a specific interior temperature, and extra time to find their driver’s car after it has arrived.

These features will go online on May 15, also known as today.

I wish they allowed riders to select quiet mode with all its services, not just Uber Black and Uber Black SUV. Sometimes the hardest part of driving for Uber or Lyft is trying to figure out if the passenger wants to talk or not. If you don’t talk with someone who wants to talk, you run the risk of getting a low rating. They may deem you to be unfriendly. I like it when passengers are wearing earbuds because then I know they don’t want to talk to me. I then can keep my mouth shut and just concentrate on driving.

What is Uber luggage service?

I don’t really know what Uber means by luggage service. I’ve never driven a passenger with luggage that I didn’t load and unload their luggage for them. It’s more out of the desire not to have them scratch the bumper when they load and unload their bags.

Is it just me, or is it hot in here?

What does Uber mean by the freedom to choose a specific interior temperature? Does this mean regular passengers don’t have this right?  Good to know. I drove one entitled prick to Dulles International Airport once. He barked out constant orders the entire trip, including how he wanted air conditioning set. He did this throughout the trip. I really thought about ending the trip halfway there. He was one of the reasons I decided a while back not to accept long trips. You are really rolling the dice when you agree to have a stranger in your car for 90 minutes. If they are a jerk or smell bad, it makes for a very long, uncomfortable trip. People like that are much easier to deal with in shorter increments.

In conclusion

Sometimes I feel like the good people at Uber don’t really understand what goes on during a trip. If someone wants to put luggage into the trunk of my car, should I just tell them they should have ordered an Uber Black?

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