Emerald City Comicon sued for not paying ‘volunteers’

Jerry Brooks, a former Emerald City Comicon volunteer, is initiating a class action suit against the con, alleging the convention broke Washington state employment laws. Volunteers, referred to as “minions” by the convention’s organizers, performed tasks normally performed by paid employees. Emerald City Comicon minions were not paid. Legally, Emerald City Comicon was not in a … Continue reading “Emerald City Comicon sued for not paying ‘volunteers’”

Brianna Wu had blogger removed from RavenCon panel for taking her picture

RavenCon, a science fiction and fantasy convention, is taking place this weekend in Richmond, Virginia. One of the guests is Brianna Wu, iPhone game developer and vocal critic of GamerGate, the leaderless consumer revolt against unethical behavior in the video games industry. Wu claims GamerGate is a hate group and that she has received over … Continue reading “Brianna Wu had blogger removed from RavenCon panel for taking her picture”

What happened at the Calgary Comic Expo?

Last weekend the Calgary Comic Expo, an annual Canadian four-day comic book and pop culture convention, created some controversy after one of the paid exhibitors, the Honey Badger Brigade, an all-women group associated with men’s rights, was ordered to leave. Not only were they expelled from the show without receiving a refund, but the police … Continue reading “What happened at the Calgary Comic Expo?”

Wizard World acquires Pittsburgh Comic Con

Wizard World has acquired Pittsburgh Comic Con, the annual comic book convention held in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. This means that if you attend the Pittsburgh Comic Con, you won’t be financially supporting a man who was (twice) convicted of murdering his wife. Michael and Renée George, owners and operators of Comics World, a comic shop in … Continue reading “Wizard World acquires Pittsburgh Comic Con”

New York Comic Con is now bigger than San Diego Comic-Con

The New York Comic Con was held this past weekend, and thanks to Thursday now being a full-day, they were able to sell tickets to 151,000 unique individuals. This makes the New York Comic Con the largest, most attended comic convention in all of North America. The San Diego Comic-Con is now the second largest … Continue reading “New York Comic Con is now bigger than San Diego Comic-Con”

The economic reality of comic book conventions

Denise Dorman, wife of illustrator Dave Dorman, wrote a blog post about how attending comic book conventions as an industry professional is a money losing endeavor. According to Denise, people go to comic book conventions not to see artists like her husband and buy some of their work, but to see cosplayers, folks who dress … Continue reading “The economic reality of comic book conventions”