Hagerstown’s Four State Comic-Con is this weekend

Hagerstown Four State Comic-Con - Rick Rottman

The Hagerstown Four State Comic-Con kicks off tomorrow, March 23 at 11 am at Hager Hall. It closes for the day at 7 pm and opens back up Sunday at 11 am and runs until 5 pm. A good time will surely be had by all.

There will be guests from the independent comic scene and the world of cosplay. The con will also include vendors selling a whole host of things appealing to geeks and nerds of all stripes.

You can buy tickets at the door. Saturday is $15 and Sunday is $12.

I haven’t yet decided if I’m going. I already purchased tickets to next month’s Awesome Con in nearby Washington D.C. I’m trying to save my discretionary stupid money for Awesome Con. The keyword is “trying.”

The one thing the Four State Comic-Con has going for it that no other comic convention has is its close proximity to my house. I live close enough to the con that I can walk to it.

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