Netflix cancels ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’

Netflix canceled Jupiter’s Legacy, a live-action series based on Mark Millar’s comic book.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

The end of Jupiter’s Legacy comes about four weeks after its May 7 premiere. Netflix doesn’t regularly share audience figures for its titles; the series, helmed by Daredevil‘s Steven S. DeKnight, earned mostly negative reviews.

I never bothered looking at any of the reviews of Jupiter’s Legacy, but if they were mostly negative, I agree with them. It’s not good.

I have to wonder if Jupiter’s Legacy wasn’t good because of the source material. I never read the comic on which it was based, but I tried. As soon as I heard Netflix was making a live-action series based on it, I ordered the trade paperback collecting Jupiter’s Circle #1-6. The trade is titled Jupiter’s Legacy, but the individual comics were titled Jupiter’s Circle. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a title switch like that.

Netflix cancels 'Jupiter's Legacy' - Bent Corner

I remember a different Jupiter’s Legacy comic. It was written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Frank Quitely. That’s the book I thought I was buying on Amazon. Wilfredo Torres, not Frank Quitely, illustrated this one. I didn’t read the book’s description on Amazon, so it was my fault.

I tried reading the trade paperback. I couldn’t get into it. I found it boring. I thought the same about the Netflix series. It was not only boring, but it was also cheesy.  Every time I saw The Utopeon, played by Fake Timothy Olyphant, I inwardly cringed with his flowing mane of gray hair and gigantic codpiece. It was not a good look.

All things considered, I’m not surprised Netflix put Jupiter’s Legacy out of its misery.

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