Kyoto Animation arson attack kills at least 33 people

A lone arsonist targetted Kyoto Animation, an anime studio in Kyoto, Japan. Authorities believe the death toll to be at least 33 people, with another 36 injured, some critically. 

Witnesses said the 41-year-old male attacker was seen entering the building carrying gas cans. He then ignited a flammable liquid inside the studio. He reportedly screamed, “Die!” as he ignited the liquid. Witnesses also said the screams of people trapped in the burning building could be heard from outside.

Authorities have not released the attacker’s name, although he is in police custody. He is currently being treated for injuries sustained in the attack.

Motives are meaningless

As of yet, there is not a motive for the attack. However, a motive is not important. Not really. He murdered innocent people. He used the worst possible method to do it. Why he did it is not at all relevant. I could care less why he murdered innocent people by burning them to death. No matter his reason for the attack, it didn’t justify what he did. Besides, no one deserves death by fire, let alone innocent people. It takes a special type of monster to burn human beings to death.

Japan has very strict gun control. People are not allowed to own guns. Instead, some people in Japan collect very realistic gun replicas. They look and feel so real, you would think they are the real thing.  If guns are ever banned here in the United States, I guess this is what we will have to look forward to. Instead of using guns, or more specifically bullets, to kill innocent people, murderous psychopaths will use fossil fuel to get the job done.

You can donate money to the victims of the Kyoto Animation attack

A GoFundMe has been created for the victims of the attack.

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