Is Jeff Hicks a world-class grifter?

Is Jeff Hicks a world-class grifter? - Bent Corner
Jeff Hicks (Photo: YouTube)

Jeff Hicks is the host of World Class Bullshitters. It’s a podcast and YouTube channel that specializes in whining about Kathleen Kennedy, Brie Larson, and things in geek culture that dare to include women in prominent roles. The show is a proud member of Fandom Menace. It’s a loose group of YouTube channels that specialize in the toxic behaviors I wrote about earlier.

Fandom Menace is a popular subgenre of negativity with toxic manbabies. As of this writing this article, World Class Bullshitters makes $1,137 a month on Patreon.

Is Jeff Hicks a world-class grifter? - Bent Corner

Evidently Mr. Hicks was not satisfied with just the money he was grifting from Patreon. It looks like he decided to wet his beak with some of that sweet Comicsgate grifter money too. He decided to create a comic book! Had he ever made a comic book before? Nope. Had he ever written anything before? No. Does he have an art background? Not really.

Remember when Comicsgate was about meritocracy?

It seems Jeff Hicks wasn’t going to let something as trivial as lack of talent or ability stop him from making a Comicsgate comic. He was going to do what a lot of gators eventually do, he was going to make a full-fledged comic book.

The book he decided to make is Stealing Solo: A Captain’s Parady. Here’s a poorly worded overview from IndieGoGo:

The story is simple a group of men, after the utter disappointment that was Episode VII, decide to kidnap Harrison Ford and force him to remake the movie in their basement. Stealing Solo started out as a joke on the podcast and now it is going to become a full fledged comic book, but the ambition doesn’t stop there. Ultimately, Stealing Solo is destined to become a film that embraces the absurdity of the situation and celebrates the true spirit of Star Wars, but that’s only possible if we work together as a community.

The comic had 1,360 backers earning Jeff Hicks a tidy $52,074. At his current rate, It would take him nearly five years to make that on Patreon.

The book was supposed to ship to backers sometime in February 2019, but like most Comicsgate books on IndieGoGo, it was late.

A few days ago, backers began receiving their books. It was a Christmas miracle! Or was it? People began to complain on Twitter that their books were damaged. For some strange reason, the books were sent without any packaging. The back cover of the book was intentionally left blank so the backer’s name and address could be printed on it.

Is Jeff Hicks a world-class grifter? - Bent Corner
The back cover of Stealing Solo: A Captain’s Parady. (Photo: Twitter)

In other words, the books were shipped like they were pieces of junk mail. Considering the quality of the art, that may have been appropriate.

World Class Bullshitters' Jeff Hicks: king of the grifters - Bent Corner
An internal page from Stealing Solo: A Captain’s Parady. (Photo: Twitter)

This shipping method is in complete contrast to what was promised to backers on IndieGoGo. This is what it says if you donate $20 to Jeff Hicks in exchange for a copy of Stealing Solo: A Captain’s Parady:

You will receive a signed copy of Stealing Solo written and drawn by, Jeff Hicks. The book will be colored and lettered by professional talent and printed to exceed industry standards. It will be shipped in comic friendly mailer directly to your door.

IndieGoGo promises vs reality

  • The book was not signed.
  • The book was not colored and lettered by professional talent.
  • The book was not printed to exceed industry standards.
  • The book was not shipped in a comic friendly mailer.

I realize the bar is rather low when it comes to keeping promises on IndieGoGo, but this seems to take the prize. Seriously, Mr. Hicks would have been more honest in relation to his IndieGoGo promises if he just bought copies of random Star Wars comics, signed them, and then mailed them in Gemini mailers to his backers.

How did Jeff Hicks respond to the criticism?

When the news of this debacle first hit Twitter, Jeff Hicks’ girlfriend Jessi Milestone tried to defend him because he’s one of the nicest people on YouTube.

Is Jeff Hicks a world-class grifter? - Bent Corner

Jessi Milestone also made a video about the subject. She is also a YouTuber.

Considering how obnoxious Jeff Hicks has been towards people like Kathleen Kennedy, Brie Larson, and Kelly Marie Tran, I find it strange that even his own girlfriend could claim he’s one of the nicest people on YouTube. Then again, Boogie2988 is often described as “The Mr. Rogers of YouTube.” In truth, Boogie2988 is a manipulative, lying narcissist. But I digress.

Mr. Hicks did make a response video concerning the disaster known as his IndieGoGo project. It’s a strange video. He portrays himself as the victim in all this.

Mr. Hicks is blaming his chosen printing company for everything that went wrong. He said he paid extra to have the printing company ship the books to his backers. If that’s the case, how was he planning on signing the books? It was one of his IndieGoGo promises.

The normal way these things work is:

  1. The printing company prints proofs for the creator.
  2. After the creator signs off on the proofs, the printer prints the books and binds them.
  3. The printer then sends the finished books to the creator.
  4. The creator checks the final quality to ensure they match the samples.
  5. The creator then signs each book.
  6. The creator then packages the books and sends them to the backers. If the print run is large, creators usually hire a fulfillment company to send the books to backers.

According to the video, Jeff Hicks contacted the unnamed printing company and told them he wants a refund or he wants them to reprint the comics and send them to backers. As soon as he hears back from the printing company, he will make another video.

Mr. Hicks contends that he never authorized the mystery printing company to send books like they were Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons. If this is true, all he needs to do is post the contract he signed with the printing company. That would show exactly what he authorized and paid for, broken down line by line. For every day he fails to do this, his story becomes less and less believable.

If Jeff Hicks is a world-class grifter as well as a world-class bullshitter, he’ll announce he’s decided to sue the printing company. Because of that, he’ll then claim his pretend lawyer told him he cannot talk about the case. Either Mr. Hicks or someone else will then start a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the phony lawsuit, grifting the same people he’s appeared to have already grifted.

In conclusion

Is Jeff Hicks a world-class grifter? - Bent Corner
My local comic book shop Comics World in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

If you want to buy quality comic books made by professionals, go to your local comic book shop. If you instead want to pay more money for low-quality books made by amateurs, then head over to IndieGoGo. Grifters are eagerly awaiting to accept your… donations.


2 thoughts on “Is Jeff Hicks a world-class grifter?”

  1. Shortly after this article, Jeff announced that we would all be getting new copies of Stealing Solo with everything fixed “after the holiday”. It is now March and still nothing (and no updates on the IndieGoGo page).

    It would have been better if he had at the very least provide an option for people to request a refund. I’m trying to find a way to contact him right now to do just that.

    1. I doubt he has the money to issue refunds. Just like he doesn’t have the money to have the books properly printed and distributed.

      Or maybe he just doesn’t care. He holds all the power. Nobody who promoted his project is now criticizing what he did to people who gave him money.

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