Glenn Greenwald is an idiot

Glenn Greenwald, the journalist made famous for helping Edward Snowden leak top-secret classified documents to the world, went to Twitter, and quoted the great Godfrey Elfwick.

The problem is that Godfrey Elfwick is not a real person. It’s a parody account.

I don’t know why Greenwald quoted someone who isn’t real to make a point. I imagine he went to Twitter and grabbed the first tweet that he believed confirmed his opinion. Too bad he didn’t first google “Godfrey Elfwick” before sharing the tweet with his 818,000 Twitter followers. Then again, if they’re following Glenn Greenwald on Twitter, they probably don’t care too much about the truth.

Glenn Greenwald seems to be addicted to misquoting and defaming Sam Harris.

I imagine as soon as Greenwald realizes Godfrey Elfwick is a fake Twitter account, he’ll correct his Twitter feed. Right now, it looks like he’s too busy searching Twitter for people who initially said the attack in Quebec City was Muslim on Muslim violence and have since not made corrections.

The lone terrorist in Quebec City was not Muslim. He was an anti-immigrant white man. This cowardly terrorist murdered six innocent people as they prayed in the mosque.

I’m confident as soon as Glenn Greenwald is done telling people on Twitter to cast the splinter out from their eyes, he’ll remove the plank from his own.

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