George Lucas gets turned into a 6-inch stormtrooper

Hasbro is creating a 6-inch action figure of George Lucas as a stormtrooper. It will be part of its Black Series line of premium action figures, and will be part of its Lucasfilm’s 50th anniversary line. Entertainment Earth has this figure available now as a preorder for $26.99.  They are scheduled for release in March of 2020.

If you ask me, it looks kind of weird. George Lucas is far too old to be a ground-pounder, front line combat troop. Once he whips off that helmet and you see his flowing mane of gray hair, he looks like a confederate Civil War general.

I just looked George Lucas up on Wikipedia. It says he is 77 years old. That’s far too old to be in service of the Empire as a stormtrooper. What’s this stormtrooper say lying on the battlefield, dying from a blaster shot? “Tell my great grandchildren I love them.”

They should make the figure depicting George Lucas the way he looked when he made the original Star Wars movie. That would make a lot more sense.

George Lucas gets turned into a 6-inch stormtrooper – Bent Corner
George Lucas (left) and Mark Hamill

Instead of making the 1977 version of George Lucas, Hasbro went with the Robert E. Lee version of George Lucas. I find that to be an odd choice. That doesn’t mean I won’t buy one. I just think it’s odd.

Here are some more photos of George Lucas as a 6-inch action figure:

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