Fanatics is terrible and I hate it

Fanatics is terrible and I hate it - Bent Corner

I received an email this morning from the MLB shop, a “Fanatics Experience.” That distinction means the email was actually from Fanatics. That’s because Fanatics paid MLB a lot of money to take over its e-commerce presence. Fanatics did a similar deal with the NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Lids, and a host of other entities and organizations.

When you go to any of these organizations’ online shops, you are actually going to Fanatics. The merchandise you buy is from Fanatics, not the actual organization’s online store you went to. In all actuality, any company that has a relationship with Fanatics no longer operates an e-commerce presence.

All these Fanatics experience e-commerce shops share the same merchandise. For example, if you go to Lids and find a hat you like, but it’s not available in your size, you will not find it in your size over at the MLB shop. They are completely separate supply chains.

Now back to the email

The email informed me that MLB picked out some items personally for me. This is a screenshot:

Fanatics is terrible and I hate it - Bent Corner

I have no interest in the jacket or the jersey, but I have huge interest in the hat. I’ve been searching for the hat ever since I spotted it at the Winchester, Virginia Lids store. I didn’t buy it and I’ve regretted it almost ever since. I clicked on the link to the hat and this is what I saw:

Fanatics is terrible and I hate it - Bent Corner

The hat is completely sold out. It’s been sold out since I first looked for it online. The only place I’ve been able to find it is on eBay, and the seller wants $69.99 for it. I’m not paying that much for a hat. I’m not against spending stupid money on a hat I really don’t need. I’m just not willing to spend that much stupid money on a hat I don’t need.

Fanatics engages in deceptive marketing

Sending an email to a customer informing them they have something personally picked for them when they know it’s completely sold out, is a dishonest thing to do. It’s deceptive marketing.

I was excited when I read the email. I thought I would be able to get the hat I regretted not buying when I had the chance to buy it. Certainly Fanatics would not send an email stating they had something they know I want when they don’t actually have it, right? Wrong. They know I want this specific hat because I’ve gone to their various garbage websites looking for it.

In conclusion

I’m looking forward to the day when the various sports leagues and companies like Lids sever ties with Fanatics. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will happen in my lifetime.

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