American traitor Edward Snowden is now a Russian citizen

American traitor Edward Snowden is now a Russian citizen - Bent Corner
Russia’s newest citizen, Mr. Blabbermouth, Edward Snowden.

Former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) civilian contractor and leaker of secrets, Edward Snowden is now a Russian citizen. Congratulations?


Russian President Vladimir Putin has granted Russian citizenship to former U.S. security contractor Edward Snowden, according to a decree signed Monday by the Russian leader.

Snowden is one of 75 foreign citizens listed by the decree as being granted Russian citizenship. I published the decree on an official government website.

Now that Snowden is a Russian citizen, hopefully, he will get conscripted into the Russian military. He can then go to Ukraine and fight old women and children for the glory of mother Russia. Putin. Good riddance.

I hate Edward Snowden

My hatred for Snowden is not personal. I hate anyone who takes an oath to safeguard classified information and then breaks that oath. The secrets he spilled to journalist Glenn Greenwald weren’t his to share. Snowden cannot pretend to care about NSA surveillance techniques and their effects on our freedoms and civil liberties when he runs off to Russia for protection.

Russia is the last place I would expect to find someone who claims to love liberty and freedom. Snowden is a liar and a coward. He’ll make a perfect Russian soldier in Ukraine. Snowden will be as terrible as all the other Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

I would rather go to federal prison than live in Russia

Edward Snowden broke all sorts of laws when he leaked highly classified information to Glenn Greenwald and anyone else who would listen to him. In a perfect world, he would stand trial for what he did. Because he is a coward, he fled to Russia. Snowden is paying a much higher price than if he stayed in the United States and took responsibility for what he did. He would have gone to federal prison, but he went to Russia. I think I’d rather go to federal prison than live in Russia for the rest of my life. Especially if I believed I did the right thing, as Snowden claims.

If Snowden went to federal prison, he wouldn’t have to worry about getting drafted into the Russian military. It sucks to be him right now.

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