Boogie2988’s lies have backed him into a corner

Boogie2988's lies have backed him into a corner - Bent Corner

Steven Williams, the man who plays Boogie2988 on YouTube, posted a new video attempting to discredit participants of the subreddit group r/SamandTolki. Over the last couple of years, it’s become the de facto gathering place documenting all of Boogie2988’s lies. It’s a subreddit I visit frequently.

When I first began noticing how much Boogie lied, I thought I was alone in my observations. It turned out I was not. I found like-minded people on the subreddit.

The subreddit has a mega thread that chronicles all of Boogie’s lies and the statements he makes. Included are links to the actual evidence proving what he said.

Needless to say, Steven Williams is not a fan of r/SamandTolki or the mega thread.

When he talks about the subreddit, he claims it’s a “hate-Reddit.” He also claims we hope he takes his own life. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve never read a thread or a single post that encouraged Boogie to take his own life. People have commented that he should stop talking about wanting to commit suicide on Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube. His audience supposedly skews to a younger demographic. Considering that, suicide and the glorification of it should not be what Boogie talks about.

Thou shall not swat

Boogie2988’s lies have backed him into a corner - Bent Corner

Boogie told a person in a private message that members of r/SamandTolki “swatted” him twice in December 2019. The person then went to r/SamandTolki and posted the screenshots of what Boogie said.

“Swatted” means you call a person’s local police and claim the person is armed and is killing people. The goal is to make a heavily armed SWAT team show up at a person’s home, bust down the door, and aim weapons at the person.

Needless to say, swatting is a terrible, reckless thing to do. To accuse an entire group of people of swatting is also a terrible, irresponsible thing to do.

The moderator of r/SamandTolki, wanting to clear not only his name but the group, checked public police records where Boogie lives. He was able to prove Boogie wasn’t swatted in December 2019. Not by members of r/SamandTolki, not by anyone.

Boogie then claimed on Twitter that when he is swatted, the police keep it off the record because that would only reward the person swatting him. Something like that.

Needless to say, people didn’t react to this lie very well. He accused the Fayetteville Arkansas Police Department of falsifying records.

Keemstar, a longtime e-friend of Boogie’s, finally had enough:

I always wondered what it would take for Keemstar to wakeup and realize what a lying weasel Boogie was. Now I know.

Boogie2988 is now claiming r/SamandTolki “hacked” his Twitter

Steven Williams is now pretending members of r/SamandTolki hacked his Twitter account. Here’s a good video (not produced by Boogie2988) that explains the Twitter hack claim and the drama proceeding it:

Keep in mind, anyone critical of Boogie is a hate-filled psychopath hell-bent on his professional and personal destruction—something like that. For the record, I used to be a fan of Boogie. I watched his videos and generally cared about him as a human being. I then gradually began to notice inconsistencies in the things he said.

This brings us to today’s video posted by Boogie 2988

In this video, he claims a “friend in the FBI” told him the only way to fight his critics is to expose them for who they really are. To do this, he needed to bait them. So that’s what he did. He lied in the message that said r/SamandTolki swatted him twice in December 2019.

Whatever Boogie. I don’t believe for a minute that an FBI agent would ever tell you to “bait” someone with false information. If you honestly had a friend in the FBI, they would never encourage you to bait anyone you believe is a psychopath dedicated to destroying you.

Just stop it. Stop lying.

In conclusion

Do you see how Boogie crafted today’s video to look like it was “exposing” him for the person he really is? It was made that way to cheat the YouTube algorithm. Anyone searching YouTube for videos exposing Boogie for the lies he spews will see this video first because he has 4.4 million subscribers.


Newsweek reported on this fake controversy. It’s a good read.

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