Why does anyone believe anything Boogie2988 says?

Steven Williams, the man who plays Boogie2988 on YouTube released a video the other day that irritated me. Not the video, but something he said in the video. He described his recent and very quick divorce with wife Desiree Williams, married in 2013, as a “messy” divorce (2 minutes, 40 seconds).

Messy divorce? Compared to… what?

From where I sit, taking in everything Steven Williams has shared with the general public about the divorce, which is a lot, his divorce has been anything but messy. In fact, his recent statement directly contradicts things he has said before.

Imagine that.

I just don’t get why people believe anything Steven Williams or any of the various fake Internet characters (Francis, Boogie2988, or Jessy) he plays on YouTube says. He’s constantly trolling for sympathy whether he deserves it or not. Too many of his fans seem to be more than willing to heap that sympathy upon him whether he deserves it or not.

It’s gross. Speaking of gross, I made the mistake of pointing this obvious falsehood out in the comment section of the video. Two of Boogie2988’s fans accused me of being a pedophile.

How was Boogie2988’s divorce messy? He’s living in the same home as he was before the divorce. He still has that creepy little dog he shared with his wife.

Sammy the dog.

He doesn’t seem to be hurting financially. It doesn’t look like he had to sell everything he owns to pay his bills. The plethora of geek junk taking up space in his studio looks to all still be there. I’m guessing his ex-wife didn’t drain his bank accounts.

Since he’s already divorced, it’s not like it dragged on for months or years in court forcing him to pay lawyers money he didn’t have. She left him and wanted a divorce last month and now they’re divorced. How can that be messy?

Steven and Desiree Williams have no children. It’s not like he has to deal with having his ex-wife remarry and replace him in his child’s life with the new husband. Steven Williams doesn’t have to ever deal with the heartache of having his own child call some other man his or her dad simply because his ex-wife didn’t want to be married to him anymore and decided she wanted to marry someone else.

When Boogie2988 says he had a messy divorce, he’s lying. The reason he’s lying is that he wants everyone to feel sorry for him. It’s the constant mode in which he operates. Feed him sympathy.

Thanks, but no thanks. When someone tells me something that I know is not true because they want to garner my sympathies, I do the complete opposite.


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6 thoughts on “Why does anyone believe anything Boogie2988 says?”

  1. In a recent June 2018 H3H3 podcast interview, Boogie, again contradicted himself saying that his divorce was not hard at all, for both parties. I hate to say it, but this guy is a habitual liar. Must’ve been caused by the abuse he often refers to. I feel he makes up stories to cope with the stress of his past. I feel sorry for the guy.

  2. I don’t know man I haven’t watched anything from Boogie for years so I have no reason to defend him but this Article has no purpose I can’t think of a single reason to make this article that is anywhere beyond pettiness. I can’t even describe what this is because there isn’t enough there to describe, I’m not gonna call you a pediphile or anything of the sort because that isn’t productive at all but I will ask: Why did you make this

    1. I’m not gonna call you a pediphile or anything of the sort because that isn’t productive at all but I will ask: Why did you make this

      Is that a question? You didn’t end it with a question mark, but I will assume it was a question. Why I “made” this post was because it interested me. That’s what I blog about, the dumb stuff I think is interesting. This is what is says on the beginning of my About Me page:

      My name is Rick Rottman and this is my personal blog. It’s where I write about whatever I feel like writing about when I feel like writing about it. It’s a hobby.

      Understand now? Also, don’t call me a pedophile because I’m not a pedophile.

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