Boogie2988 doesn’t want you to come to his house

Steven Williams, the man who plays Boogie2988 on YouTube, is making it crystal clear he doesn’t want you coming to his house. He made a video showing all of his Halloween decorations and then showed them set up on his front yard. Evidently he’s now worried people will watch the video and find his house and come see him.

A stranger knocking on the front door? That’s some real scary stuff.

Why anyone would want to go to this man’s house is beyond me. He lives somewhere in Arkansas. I’ve been to Arkansas one time in my life and that was one time too many.

Boogie2988 is not real

I think the problem is that there are some people who don’t realize Boogie2988 is just a bit. It’s a character being played. Boogie2988 is no more real than any of his other characters, Francis or Jessy.

Boogie2988 does not love you

The worst thing Steven does is at the end of every Boogie2988 video, he tells his viewers, I love you very much.

If you don’t want strangers to feel as though it would be cool to come to your home, stop telling them you love them very much. It sends the wrong message.

Boogie2988 loves stuff

Steven doesn’t love his viewers. Not at all. He loves having viewers, but he doesn’t love them as people. If it wasn’t for viewers, he would have to go back on disability and he wouldn’t be able to afford the massive amount of nerd junk he accumulates. The video games, the Magic The Gathering cards, the collectible action figures, etc. Those are things people working for a living cannot afford, at least not to the extent Steven does. If he had to get a real job or go back on disability, he wouldn’t be able to afford any of those things.

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    1. Are you the same Anonymous who left the prior comment? I have a hard time telling you cowards apart.

      I take great umbrage at you saying I look like a shaved vagina. First of all, as a defender of Boogie2988, I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen a vagina. Secondly, as my photo shows, I have a beard. I don’t look like a shaved anything.

      1. Some people are very bold when they aren’t directly in front of you. Mr. (or Ms.) Anonymous is a coward. I disagree with 2/3’s of what Rick writes about but I whole heartedly defend his right to say it. Our populous is too easily offended. “Man up” anonymous and give an argument for your opinion rather than vulgar slurs. Rick has earned his right to give a social comment since he’s a veteran. What have you done for this country?

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