Superman used to be a racist, hateful jerk

In March of 1943, the United States was embroiled in a massive war with Imperial Japan. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

Instead of using all his various superpowers to quickly bring an end to the war, Superman (government name Clark Kent) used his superpowers to stoke the fires of racial hatred and bigotry. No wonder Batman wanted to kill him.


Is Superman still a racist?

It’s sad to see the son of Krypton have such contempt for a whole group of people based solely on their race and nationality. In hindsight, it seems so unnecessary. Superman could have ended World War Two in a Metropolous minute. In fact, he could have done it without death or bloodshed.

My hope is Superman still doesn’t hold such racist, hateful views towards Japan. Modern day Japan is a wonderful country filled with amazing people. I’ve been there once and I hope to one day visit Japan again.

If Superman still harbors hatred and contempt for Japan and its people, I recommend he eat some sushi and watch some good anime. Maybe listen to some J-pop.

The day Superboy came to Hagerstown and received a 21 BB gun salute

I never liked Superboy. That was even before I knew he was a paid shill for the National Rifle Association. I wonder if he would feel all warm and fuzzy over BB guns if these kids were shooting BB’s made from kryptonite. Then they might put his eye out.

I somehow doubt it.