Walmart is trying to sell someone’s grungy, disgusting used hat

I was perusing the clearance section of Hagerstown’s original Walmart store (not the new store) when I stumbled upon this gem. It’s a Callaway golf hat on clearance for only $5. Even though I like golf hats and things on clearance, I passed on this hat. The reason? Because it’s obviously used and extremely disgusting. It looks like it spent the last 11 months on the head of a homeless man training for a 10K fun run.

How did this end up on a shelf at Walmart with a price sticker on it?

I have two theories. The first is that someone with massive Jedi skills brought it back to Walmart. They then convinced someone at the Customer Service desk to allow them to return it for a refund. The second and more likely theory is that someone pulled a switcharoo. They probably went to the Sporting Goods department and took this piece of garbage off their head and put a new brand-new Callaway golf hat on their disgusting head. They then walked out of the store like they were a normal person.

Whoever put this clearance sticker on the hat should have noticed something was amiss. Didn’t they notice how badly their hands smelled after handling it?

Like a lot of the things I see, hear, and smell at Walmart, this is just gross.


I had to stop at Walmart to buy new windshield wipers after posting this. I checked the clearnace section and surprise, surprise, the hat is still available to purchase.

Walmart is trying to sell someone's grungy, disgusting used hat - Bent Corner


2 thoughts on “Walmart is trying to sell someone’s grungy, disgusting used hat”

  1. Jose Rodriguez

    Rick, I think you’re probably missing out on an antique worthy of a full episode of American Pickers. The great thing about shopping at Walmart is their return policy. There is almost nothing they won’t take back, except underwear or hats. They remind me of living in the barracks – no feathers or fur. If it contacts your hair, they won’t accept it or risk spreading critters. I think the more likely story behind the hat is it fell off the rack and slid under some bin from days gone yonder. My friend, me thinks you passed up a treasure that probably came off the shelf of Sam Waltons original store. If I were you I’d go back tomorrow and see if that gem is still unspoken for and purchase it. I’ve never collected anything before but even as a novice, I can appreciate the investment of owning that article of Americana circa 1960. Just like a fine wine, its value increases with the passage of time…and a bit of mold and dust.

    1. It looked very used. There were sweat marks. Even if it fell to the floor and got behind the bin, as clean as a Walmart is, it would still be in flawless condition.

      You can eat off the floor at any of Walmart stores. I know this because I once watched a woman wearing pajama pants eating loose grapes off the floor in the Electronics department.

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