Dave the Uber Slave gets a 1-star rating, hilarity does not ensue

YouTuber Dave Zambie, host of Dave the Uber Slave had a bad experience with a passenger. At least he thinks he did. He thinks she gave him a 1-star rating.

The good news is that he took the 1-star rating like a professional, learned from it, and then quickly moved on. Just kidding! He didn’t do any of that. Instead, he called Uber support six times demanding they purge the 1-star rating from his account. Because of this 1-star rating, his driver rating plummeted from 4.97 to 4.96.

I know all this because he made a video about it.

When the passenger rated him, they provided two reasons for the 1-star review: Service Quality and Conversation. He seemed to take great offense to the first. He said it was insulting to him.  With the later, he mentioned how the passenger and her friends were talking about their periods. Did he inject himself into the conversation?

I hope not. That would be especially creepy.

What not to do when you get a 1-star rating

Dave the Uber Slave gets a 1-star rating, hilarity does not ensue - Bent Corner
Dave Zambie AKA Dave the Uber Slave.

The worst part of the video is when Zambie played audio from the second of the six calls he made to Uber support about his 1-star rating. It’s cringy and embarrassing to listen to. It made my skin crawl.

Here’s a sampling of what he said to the support agent:

Dave Zambie is a bully

  • Not removing the bad rating was both dehumanizing and disrespectful.
  • Every time he gets a 1-star, he calls Uber support.
  • Asked the support agent why he keeps telling him “No.”
  • Told the agent he sounded like he enjoys upsetting drivers.
  • Accused the agent of being a “company man” who could “care less” about drivers and just wants to keep his job.
  • Said he was going to put the audio on YouTube and hopefully, it will not jeopardize the agent’s job.
  • Accused the agent of not respecting his feedback.
  • Said a good, smart driver like him should not have to pick up certain passengers if they seem like they might give a bad rating.
  • Called the passenger who (he believes) gave him the bad rating a “21-year-old scumbag.”
  • Admitted he knew the agent cannot remove the bad rating.
  • Said Uber can go fuck itself.
  • Told the agent to quit his job.
  • Said Uber was bad news.

Zambie was bullying the Uber support agent. I hate bullies. He’s the worst kind of bully, a telephone bully. He called Uber support and spoke to the agent in a disrespectful and demeaning way. It was petty and completely unnecessary.

If Uber hears that phone call or any of the other five he claims to have made, I expect Uber to deactivate Zambie from the platform. How could they not? It’s clear from the call he was violating Uber’s Community Guidelines. For instance, treat everyone with respect.

Telling the customer service agent he sounded like he enjoys upsetting drivers, referring to the passenger as a scumbag, or saying Uber can go fuck itself is highly disrespectful. It’s also stupid. He said all these things on a call with Uber support that was recorded. According to Zambie, he made five other calls that day to Uber support. He said this call was the second of the day. According to Zambie, he made four more calls later that same day about the same thing. This was after he admitted on the call he knows Uber support cannot remove a bad feedback rating.

In conclusion

Most of the YouTube creators who have channels about rideshare driving give terrible information and bad advice. This video and the audio from the call to Uber support is no different. In this case, it showed what not to do. Not just as an Uber driver, but as a normal human being. You don’t ever want to be the reason someone has a bad day. I feel for the unlucky Uber support agent who had to speak to Dave Zambie. He was just doing his job. The guy didn’t deserve to be treated like that.

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