Dirtbag Hot Wheels collector pulls a switcheroo at Walmart

Driving for Uber yesterday took me to the nearby city of Frederick. While there, I thought I’d stop by the newer Walmart on the north part of town. I checked out the diecast car section. I’ve gotten back into collecting Hot Wheels. Not the cheap mainline cars like I did before, but the premium cars. They have Real Riders wheels and a metal base. Continue Reading

Driving for Uber and Lyft? Find out how much you are making an hour

One of the things Rideshare Drivers United, a self-appointed anonymous group claiming to represent all rideshare drivers, is demanding people driving for Uber and Lyft make a minimum of $27.86 per hour. That’s what rideshare drivers make in New York City. The city put rules in place on Uber and Lyft and a driver minimum wage is only one of them. Rideshare Drivers United is demanding drivers across the country make the same money drivers in New York City make.
Continue Reading

How to edit the final destination in the Uber driver’s app

There are times when driving for Uber a passenger enters the wrong destination. Instead of trying to walk them through how they can change it, it’s easier to change it yourself in the Uber driver’s app. Here’s how to do it.Continue Reading

YouTuber says very few Uber drivers have ‘any self-respect or dignity’

The Apptrepreneur (government name Kevin Rodriguez) is a YouTuber who makes videos about driving for Uber and Lyft. Like many other people making these types of videos, he doesn’t actually drive for either rideshare platform. He used to, but not anymore.Continue Reading