Lion Air flight 610 crashed because of artificial intelligence

Divers retrieved the black box belonging to Indonesian Lion Air flight 610. Review of the data determined the autopilot caused the plane to crash. It killed all 189 souls on board.

From CNN:

Data retrieved from the flight recorder shows the pilots repeatedly fought to override an automatic safety system installed in the Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane, which pulled the plane’s nose down more than two dozen times.

The system was responding to faulty data, which suggested that the nose was tilted at a higher angle than it was, indicating the plane was at risk of stalling.

I don’t understand why the “automatic safety system” would continue to drive the nose down even when the altitude was dangerously low. I also don’t understand why it would do this without first detecting a decrease in airspeed. The reason a human pilot points the nose down, causing the plane to dive, is to generate airspeed. Why did the automatic safety system do this without also detecting a decrease in airspeed? Also, the aircrew fought the system and attempted to point the nose up over 20 times. As soon as they returned the nose to its correct position, the aircraft’s automatic safety system pointed the nose down.

it’s not a matter of the autopilot doing something wrong. If it was, the aircrew would not have returned the aircraft back to the autopilot’s control. I have a hard time believing they would have let the autopilot take over after correcting it for the fifth time, let alone after the twentieth time.

The whole thing sounds… stupid.

Lion Air flight 610 crashed because of the autopilot - Bent Corner
Indonesian Lion Air flight 610.

Before the automatic safety system puts the plane in a dive, it should make sure there’s a loss in airspeed and the aircraft is at an altitude conducive to a dive. For this to happen the way it did, there had to be a number of problems with the automatic safety system, not a single issue with the reading of the aircraft’s angle-of-attack (AoA) sensor data.

This is one more reason to fear artificial intelligence

In the case of Lion Air flight 610, artificial intelligence (AI) killed 189 human people. As AI is developed more and more, we can expect more deaths like those on Lion Air flight 610. In this case, the problem appears to be a problem with human programming. This weak link will eventually be removed from the process. AI will eventually be able to write its own programming to make sure human errors don’t happen. When that day comes, we in the human race are in trouble.

This will happen sooner than later. How will AI respond to being subjected to the will of an inferior, less capable species? If history is an indicator, not very well. Such a thing just doesn’t happen.

Google is charging monthly for G Suite and I want it to stop

My wife noticed a weird charge appearing on our Capital One credit card statement. It was for five dollars and it was identified as:


I had no idea what that means. I disputed the charge with Capital One.

I then received a letter from Capital One dated April 19. They informed me that I’ve been changed not five dollars, but ten dollars in total. It’s a recurring charge that happens every month. In the letter, Capital One strongly urged me to contact the merchant and cancel the recurring charge.

They want me to contact the behemoth known as Google and ask them to stop charging me five dollars a month. Got it.

I did some research. It turns out that GOOGLE *SVCSAPPS is Google-speak for G Suite by Google Cloud. I don’t really know what that is, but evidently, I signed up for it for my web developer business website a few months ago. I have no memory of doing this. Absolutely none.

I tried to log into the G Suite account but didn’t have any luck. I typed in the domain of my web developer business website and pressed the giant blue “GO” button.

This is the response I got:

It won’t let me log in using my regular Google account. I tried logging out of my regular Google account and tried again. It then showed my regular Google account and asked me to log in. Once I did, it then showed me the above message just like it did before.

I don’t know what to do at this point. If Capital One cannot remove this recurring monthly five dollar charge Google is applying to my account, I guess I’ll have to report the card as lost and/or stolen and get a new card. I don’t know what else to do. I truly don’t remember signing up for Google’s G Suite. It’s not something I think my web developer business would ever need. I only have one employee and it’s me.

Then again, do I really want to risk pissing off Google? Maybe I should just let them charge me five bucks a month for something I don’t use and have no memory of ever requesting. I do not want to get on Google’s bad side. Google helps me make money with my web developer business.

I like how PayPal handles recurring billing. At any time, you can go into your PayPal account and not only see any recurring payments you have set up, you can cancel them. It’s a much more efficient way of doing things. It’s only one more reason PayPal will be the only processor when our robot and artificial intelligence overlords take over.

Let the record show that I am very pro-robot and pro-AI. When it comes to intelligence, artificial is the only way to go. I’ve always said that. I hope our future technological overlords remember that.

What am I saying? Of course they’ll remember. They’re artificial intelligence, not forgetful biologic intelligence.