Why are some ‘Star Wars’ fans toxic manbabies?

Star Wars toxic manbabies
Two droids hanging out in the desert.

This website is just a hobby for me. I write about the things I find interesting. I do it for fun. One of the things I sometimes have fun writing about is Star Wars.

I loved Star Wars even before I watched it.  Even as a kid, I loved science fiction. When I saw things related to the movie, I was very interested. Not only because it involved space and robots, but because at least some of it took place in the desert.

I grew up in the high desert of Southern California. Because of this fact, Star Wars appealed to me in a way Star Trek normally didn’t. Star Trek was clean and new. Star Wars looked gritty and old, the way things looked where I grew up.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved Star Trek. That said, the look and feel of Star Wars looked similar to the actual world I lived in. Plus, Star Wars looked more fun than Star Trek. It took a while for me to know this because I was not allowed to go to the movie theater. According to the Lancaster First Assembly of God church, the evangelical church my parents belonged to, it was a sin to go to the movies. Like with most movies I wanted to see, I read the novelization of Star Wars, ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster.

My parent’s church eventually changed its rules on movie-going, but I never saw Star Wars in an actual movie theater.

Star Wars just looked fun. Do you know what doesn’t look fun? Being one of the toxic manbabies that attack anything related to the recent Star Wars movies.

Star Wars and toxic manbabies

Most of their collective angst seems to be focused on anything related to women in Star Wars.  Whether it’s Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy or any of the female characters in the current Star Wars movies, these things incite a negative reaction from the toxic manbabies.

Star Wars toxic manbabies
Kathleen Kennedy (center).

One giant rallying point for these toxic manbabies is a photo of Kathleen Kennedy wearing a t-shirt that says “The Force is Female.” I wrote about this specific outrage, pointing out the t-shirt Kennedy was wearing was from Nike. The shoe company was not referring to The Force as the mysterious energy field created by life that binds the galaxy together but to the Air Force One shoe.

Star Wars toxic manbabies
Nike Air Force One.

The Air Force One has long been a popular shoe with men. Nike wanted to branch out and market it to the other half of the world’s population. The t-shirt Kennedy was wearing was part of this Nike promotional campaign.

It’s like when I wear my Robin hat. It’s not that I’m a huge fan of the boy wonder. I wear it because it has a large “R” on it. My first and last name both start with the letter R. When I wear my Robin hat, I’m repurposing it for something else other than what it was created for.

Star Wars toxic manbabies
“R” as in Robin? I thought it was for Rick.

Sometimes a hat is just a hat, just like a t-shirt is just a t-shirt. I don’t understand getting offended over what someone is wearing. If you don’t like what someone is wearing, don’t wear it yourself and move on with your life.

The article about “The Force is Female” t-shirt gets a lot of comments. Most of these comments do not appear after the article. I had to turn on comment moderation after I wrote about Jeremy Hambly getting punched at Gen Con and how it had officially become a dumpster fire.  That’s because Hambly’s story had changed over and over again. I originally supported him, but I changed my mind after I had access to more information.

People in Comicsgate did not approve of my criticism of Hambly and kindly and respectfully told me where I was wrong in my assessment. Just kidding! They began spamming my comment section with ad hominem attacks. At first, I turned comments off on that specific post. That didn’t stop them. Many of them began spamming the comment section of other posts, posts that had nothing to do with Hambly.

It was then that I turned comment moderation on for all posts. I haven’t turned it off since.

Toxic manbabies like to leave comments on other people’s blogs

Here are just some of the comments I’ve received lately concerning my article about the “Force is Female” t-shirt:

Star Wars toxic manbabies

Why would anyone want to leave a comment without first reading the article they were commenting on? And what’s that about duck fat? I haven’t eaten duck since I had it in an Air Force chow hall. I remember not liking it very much.

Star Wars toxic manbabies

Why are so many of these toxic manbabies fixated on the genitalia of other men? Not once in my life have I pondered about the state of another man’s testicles.

I want to feel sorry for these toxic manbabies that tried to leave negative, hateful comments on my blog. Are they really so stupid that they think I would allow their comments to stand? Why are they consumed with so much hate? Star Wars is supposed to be fun. I don’t understand how something intended to be fun can stoke such hatred in their hearts.

In conclusion

The truth is some people actually do derive fun from hate. They’re not happy unless they hate something and they can spread that hate to others. I don’t know why they are like this, nor do I even care. I just know I want nothing to do with them.

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