What does ‘Rise of Skywalker’ mean?

Star Wars Celebration is a national gathering of fans to celebrate all things Star Wars. This year’s event took place in Chicago. Like past events, I read about it and watched highlights of the event online. Also like past events, I immediately wished I attended. Maybe one year I will get to go to one.

One of the many things that happened at this year’s event was the debut of the first teaser trailer for the next Star Wars movie. Here it is:

The trailer looks good. It features a lot of desert. I grew up in Los Angeles County’s Mojave Desert. The first time I saw Star Wars was at a drive-in theater out in the desert. Because of this fact, I think Star Wars is best served up in a desert.

What got me the most about the trailer was the name of the new movie, Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker.

Will the real Luke Skywalker please rise up?

One of the things I disliked about that last Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi was the mishandling of Luke Skywalker. To say his ending was disappointing is an understatement. He was barely in The Force Awakens. If Luke needed to get “killed” off, it needed to happen in the third and final movie of the franchise. The way he just winked out like an old lightbulb in the The Last Jedi was an extreme let down.

It’s bad enough we didn’t get to see Luke, Leia, and Han together again on-screen. Luke just faded away.  That was stupid and extremely anti-climatic.

What bothers me the most of the new movie’s title is it implies Luke Skywalker is coming back. After all, he’s the only one in the franchise with the surname of Skywalker. I think it would be fantastic came back. The thing is, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Do not toy with me Disney

I think Disney is planning on screwing around with fans. I don’t think Luke Skywalker is coming back. Before this weekend, I don’t think anyone thought this. Disney than announced the title of the movie. The title creates an expectation when none existed before.

In conclusion, I think Disney chose the title because it knew it would sow confusion and speculation and help build hype for the movie. The title of the movie has a verb and a noun. If the movie does not contain that specific verb with that specific noun, if I do not see Luke Skywalker rise, it will anger me more than when Vice Admiral Holdo rammed a starship while in hyperdrive. In other words, I will be extremely pissed off.

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  1. ? hate to say it…. but you’re gonna be disappointed if you put any expectations on episode 9…

    but i heard disney’s making changes to episode 9 as of now… yep… shortly after the last trailer was released a couple of weeks ago, there was talks of disney making changes at the CGI level… so… maaaaybe Ren will turn out to be a baddie… for a while…??!??! ??‍♀️… but truth is, i really don’t care anymore…

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