Virginia is removing a statue of American traitor Robert E. Lee

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam ordered the giant statue honoring American traitor General Robert E. Lee be removed. It currently sits on public display in the state’s capital city of Richmond. It sure took Northam long enough to remove this blight from public view.

I’m no fan of the treasonous confederates and Robert E. Lee was the apex predator or treasonous confederates. Traitors like Lee waged war against Americans because a democratic election did not go their way.

Turncoats like Lee renounced their commissions in the United States Army and then led other Americans in a war against the United States. Worse, they did it for the sole purpose of maintaining the immoral institution of slavery. They would rather kill Americans on the battlefield than allow the institution of slavery to come to its eventual and natural conclusion.

Did the confederates honestly think slavery was going to somehow last forever? That all they had to do was kill enough Americans and they get their way? What a bunch of idiots.

Virginia is removing a statue of American traitor Robert E. Lee - Bent Corner
Robert E. Lee as a young officer in the United States Army.

Robert E. Lee was a terrible human being. He was even worse than Osama bin Laden. Both Lee and bin Laden were responsible for the death of Americans. Bin Laden was responsible for the death of thousands of Americans. Lee was responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Also, Osama bin Laden never committed treason against the United States. Robert E. Lee did.

Once the statue of Robert E. Lee is completely gone, I imagine the air in Richmond will smell a lot less treasonous.

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