This Godzilla action figure will make all other Godzilla action figures obsolete

If you’re a fan of Godzilla and you enjoy collecting action figures, then there is something coming down the pike that you’ll be interested in. Mezco is producing a behemoth of a Godzilla action figure that will make all other Godzilla action figures look puny and obsolete.

It measures 33-inches long and is 18 inches tall. It’s super detailed and features a movable mouth and a possible tail. The mouth and dorsal fins light up. It also roars with movie-accurate sounds from the movie.

It comes in a collector-friendly box. Why anyone would want to keep it in the box escapes me.

The Godzilla action figure to make all other Godzilla action figures obsolete - Bent Corner

It’s scheduled to come out in October 2022. Before you reach for a calendar, that’s over a year from now. It’s not for the financially-challenged. If you want to own one, it will cost you $450 for the pleasure.

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