Hasbro screwed up the Migs Mayfeld 6-inch Black Series figure

Hasbro finally got around to making a Migs Mayfeld action figure. In case you don’t know, he’s a character from the the first and second season of The Mandalorian, played by stand-up comedy legend Bill Burr.

I’m a huge fan of Bill Burr. Even though he’s one of the top stand-up comedians around, he has branched out into acting, podcasting, and writing. He co-created, and stars in the Netflix animated show F Is For Family. Bill Burr is a man of many talents. He’s a true Renaissance man.

I was excited when I learned Bill Burr was going to be in The Mandalorian. I thought it was funny because he’s made fun of Star Wars fans on his podcast.

Not only was Bill Burr excellent in his first appearance in the first season, he’s second appearance on the The Mandalorian featured my favorite scene in the entire Star Wars¬†franchise, other than almost every scene in Rouge One: A Star Wars Story.

I need a Migs Mayfeld action figure

Even though I vowed to only buy Star Wars action figures of black characters, I will make an exception for the Migs Mayfeld action figure. I’m too much a fan of Bill Burr to go without his action figure on my shelf. Imagine my dismay when I saw what Hasbro did. This is it:

Hasbro screwed up the Migs Mayfeld 6-inch Black Series figure - Bent Corner

Hasbro decided to cover Bill Burr’s beautiful bald head with a helmet. It means that if you want to display this figure with its face exposed, you have to open the packaged figure, remove the helmet, and then repackage the figure. If you do this, it destroys the substantial investment potential of the figure.

This is what the American Society of Collectible Action Figures (ASCAF) says about removing action figures from their packaging:

Once you remove an action figure from its packaging, you no longer have a collectible action figure, you have a toy.

Although I’m no longer a dues paying member of ASCAF, I still try to abide my their edicts and guidance.

This is what the Migs Mayfield action figure looks like out of the box:

Hasbro screwed up the Migs Mayfeld 6-inch Black Series figure - Bent Corner
This is so lifelike, it looks like a real person.

I’m sure you agree with me that this is the best looking Star Wars action figure ever made. I think Hasbro is counting on fans to buy two Migs Mayfeld action figures. One will remain in the packaging for investment purposes, while the other will be removed so his helmet can be taken off.

In conclusion

I plan on buying my Migs Mayfeld action figures from Entertainment Earth. I feel that if I try to buy them in person, I run the risk of someone trying to yank them out of my cart. I want to avoid any potential drama. That’s why I will buy my Migs Mayfeld¬†action figures from Entertainment Earth, like the civilized person that I am.


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