Crunchyroll acquires Right Stuf

Crunchyroll, the subscription-based anime streaming service, announced on Thursday that they bought online anime retailer Right Stuf.

From Crunchyroll:

The news is out! We’re delighted to announce that Right Stuf, one of the world’s leading online anime superstores, has officially joined the Crunchyroll family. Expanding Crunchyroll’s eCommerce offerings, the acquisition aims to serve anime fans and collectors an even wider array of merchandise for online purchase including manga, home video, figures, games, music and everything in between.

Sony Pictures have quickly become the apex predator of all things anime and Japanese pop culture in the United States. Sony Pictures owned Funimation, a competitor of Crunchyroll. They bought Crunchyroll in December 2020 from AT&T for over $1 billion. They then merged the two streaming services under the Crunchyroll name. Sony Pictures, through its subsidiary Crunchyroll, now owns Right Stuf.

I think Right Stuf will merge with Crunchyroll and the name Right Stuf will just go away. Like the name Funimation did.

I’ve bought nothing from Right Stuf, although I think I’m an affiliate advertiser of theirs. I purchased the One Piece Kaido, King of the Beasts Statue from Crunchyroll and paid a lot less than if I bought it elsewhere.

'One Piece' Kaido, King of The Beasts statue - Bent Corner
One Piece Kaido, King of The Beasts statue

The statue was going from $179 – $199 everywhere I looked, but I could buy it from Crunchyroll for $119 delivered. If only I had a shelf big enough to display it. This statue is enormous.

I hate the name Right Stuf. The missing “F” at the end irritates me.

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