Casey Parris, the ‘RockstarFlipper’ was wrong

Casey Parris, the person who plays the character RockstarFlipper on YouTube, entered my thoughts yesterday. I was reminded of a video he made last summer encouraging people to buy the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition when they went on sale on September 29, 2017.  The reason? So people could resell them at a markup.

The practice is known as scalping.

Scalping is highly frowned upon in most civilized societies and communities—video game console scalping, especially so.

I was reminded of Casey Parris yesterday because while stopping at the Hagerstown Target, I noticed they had not one but two Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition games on sale for the suggested retail price of $79.99.

It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen them for sale at retail. Nintendo has been really great about meeting the demand for these game consoles.

Kaitlyn Hedenstad and Casey Parris aka RockstarFlipper (Photo: Twitter)

It just shows how wrong Casey Parris was. He was almost as wrong as the time he and his fiancé Kaitlyn Hedenstad were when they purchased subsidized Sprint phones for use in the United States,  jailbroke them, and then sold them as new for use overseas in markets Sprint doesn’t subsidize the price of the phones. Sprint sued Casey Parris and Kaitlyn Hedenstad in federal court. The judge ruled in favor of Sprint and ordered the RockstarFlipper and his significant other to pay Sprint $5 million.

Casey Parris is someone to avoid. Any advice the man dishes out should be ignored. His videos on YouTube should only be watched for their unintentional entertainment value.

8 thoughts on “Casey Parris, the ‘RockstarFlipper’ was wrong”

    1. Not a fan. He’s a snake oil salesman. Desperate people flock to his youtube channel where he schills his expertise. The sad thing is, all the advice he gives for fees, can be found for free, throughout youtube and the internet. He takes advantage of peoples desperation. He has an ego his looks can’t match.

  1. Couldn’t agree more, he constantly feels the need to show his numbers. I have watched him give out bad info. Him an Rankin Profits are nothing but 2 bit hustlers. They make money buy selling memberships and eBooks, since i stopped using his advice my sales have skyrocketed and i only do this part time.

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