Bryce Harper: 'I love the smell of the crowd'

If you’re an older guy who wants an autograph from Washington Nationals prospect Bryce Harper so that you can sell it for a profit, consider yourself warned: Bryce Harper knows why you want his signature and he doesn’t like it. Hagerstown’s newest resident told the Herald-Mail that he doesn’t like signing autographs for older guys.

Considering that Bryce Harper is only 18 years old, he very well may be talking about guys in their late twenties.

I guess this means that if you are an older guy and you want Bryce Harper’s autograph so you can sell it, you had better get a kid to get it for you. That’s because Bryce Harper likes signing autographs for kids. In fact, he says he can sign autographs for kids all day.

You know what else Bryce Harper likes? The smell of the crowd. Harper told Bob Parasiliti, famed sports writer of the Herald-Mail, “I love the smell of the grass. I love the way the dirt smells after it rains. I love the feel of the dirt and the chalk in my hands. I love the smell of the crowd, the concessions and the field during a game. There is nothing better than going out and playing baseball.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good crowd smell?

Take it from me, there’s nothing quite like the aroma of a crowd gathered for a Hagerstown Suns day game in late July, early August. Unfortunately for Bryce Harper, I don’t think he will still be in Hagerstown by then. If he’s as good as everyone says, he will surely be promoted to a team higher in the Washington Nationals minor league system. Hopefully for Harper’s sake, the minor league team lucky enough to have his extensive baseball talents this summer will have a crowd smell worthy of his nostrils.

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