Boogie2988 called Newsweek reporter about r/SamandTolki subreddit

Boogie2988 called Newsweek reporter about r/SamandTolki subreddit - Bent Corner
A dramatic recreation of Newsweek reporter Steven Asarch answering his telephone at midnight. 

If you’re like me, you probably wondered how Newsweek reporter Steven Asarch learned about Boogie2988’s lame attempt to bait members of r/SamandTolki. You can read the article he wrote here.

Wonder no more because Asarch shared this info on Twitter:

Boogie cold-called Steven Asarch at midnight to whine and complain about a subreddit? What a freak show. The neon sign on his wall is so very appropriate. It just shows how inconsiderate and unconcerned about other people Boogie2988 really is.

It’s apparent from reading the Newsweek article that it probably wasn’t the type of article Boogie was seeking when he reached out to Asarch. The reporter confirms as much when he retweeted someone pointing this fact out.

Boogie2988 is a manipulator and a liar

The more Boogie does, the more he shows the world what type of person he is. Steven Williams, the man behind the Boogie2988 character, is an e-celebrity by his own choosing. He set out to become e-famous. Then, after he reached a level of notoriety, he thinks he can dictate that people not criticize him? Sorry, it doesn’t work like that.

If he doesn’t want people criticizing him for the despicable stuff he does, then he should stop doing despicable stuff. That’s what normal people do.

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