RockstarFlipper, more like RockstarScalper

There’s a guy on YouTube who calls himself RockstarFlipper. His real name is Casey Parris and he fancies himself to be an expert on reselling on eBay. He buys used clothing at Goodwill outlet stores and then sells the clothing on eBay. This is referred to as flipping. The subject of his most recent YouTube … Continue reading “RockstarFlipper, more like RockstarScalper”

Maker of $30,000 Dungeons & Dragons tables is out of business

Geek Chic, a company that custom built high-end tables for tabletop gaming has closed up shop. I never understood to point of these fancy gaming tables. They seemed totally unnecessary to me. I played a lot of Dungeons & Dragons back in the day without even using a table, let alone one hand carved by … Continue reading “Maker of $30,000 Dungeons & Dragons tables is out of business”

WooCommerce raises renewal rates 50 percent

WooCommerce, the popular eCommerce software for WordPress, secretly and without notice, raised the renewal price for extensions by 50 percent, or in other words, to the full original purchase price. When you buy a WooCommerce extension from WooCommerce, you’re purchasing a one-year “subscription” that entitles you to a year of free updates and support. After … Continue reading “WooCommerce raises renewal rates 50 percent”

Travis Kalanick Resigns as CEO of Uber

  Uber’s founder and CEO Travis Kalanick stepped down as CEO after he was pressured to do so by Uber’s investors. He was to take an indefinite leave of absence as CEO so he could “work on himself” and grieve for his departed mother.┬áKalanick’s mother died last month as a result of a boating accident. … Continue reading “Travis Kalanick Resigns as CEO of Uber”

When a flat rate envelope is not a flat rate envelope

I sold a Mitchel & Ness NFL jersey on eBay the other day and decided the cheapest way to get it to the buyer was to ship it in a Priority Mail flat rate envelope. I ordered some of these envelopes on the USPS website a while back. This is what they look like: They … Continue reading “When a flat rate envelope is not a flat rate envelope”

How to take better photos for eBay

  I’ve learned a thing or two since I started selling my unwanted stuff on eBay. I thought I’d document some of the things I’ve learned, starting with how to take photos. I take photos with my iPhone 6s Plus. The pics I get from my iPhone are better than the pics I was getting … Continue reading “How to take better photos for eBay”