The coronavirus has made landfall in the United States

The coronavirus has made landfall in the United States - Bent Corner
The coronavirus has made landfall in the United States - Bent Corner
The coronavirus.

As of this morning, there are now 12 confirmed cases of people infected with the coronavirus in the United States. The outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. With hundreds of U.S. citizens being evacuated from Wuhan back to the United States, that number will almost certainly go up. All it takes is one person infected with the virus on an airplane with its circulated air to infect everyone else on board.

Viruses scare me. Mostly it’s because I live in a country where people seem to take great pleasure by coughing on each other.  Americans are also famous for going to work when they’re sick. It’s considered a virtue. I fear viruses because of how deadly they are. At least 21,000 Americans have died this flu season.  People are afraid of Pitbulls and they kill around 30 people a year.  Your chances of dying from a virus are much greater than dying from a Pitbull attack.

Wash your filthy hands or the coronavirus might kill you

One of the best and easiest ways to protect yourself from a deadly pandemic is to wash your hands with soap and water. Humans constantly touch things with their hands. They also touch their faces, transferring whatever is on their hands to their mouth, nostrils, and eyes. Making sure your hands are as clean as they can be might just save your coronavirus riddled corpse from a FEMA mass grave.

Unfortunately for me, my right hand is still bandaged from my recent table saw accident. This makes it really hard to wash my hands. I use hand sanitizer, but studies have shown hand sanitizer is not as good as washing with soap and water.

In conclusion

I will wait until the coronavirus makes landfall in Maryland before getting too concerned.  When it does, I may start wearing a surgical mask when I leave the house, especially when I drive for Uber and Lyft. Considering how bad some of my passengers smell,  personal hygiene is not a priority.


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