Remember when Target said it wasn’t going to sell Pokémon cards?

I stopped by my local Target this afternoon to pick up a few things. First, I noticed the trading card area looked like it was fully stocked. Since Target made a big deal about not selling Pokémon and baseball, basketball, and football cards because of the inherent danger selling such products created, I wondered what it could be. Target wanted to avoid its trading card section turning into the killing fields of Cambodia. Actions had to be taken.

It appears Target has reconsidered it’s earlier postion. The shelves were rich with Pokémon cards today.

I’m still not sure it’s safe. While I was looking things over, an older woman and a young boy all but pushed me aside so they could look at the Pokémon cards. The woman apologized to me, so that made it completely okay.

I don’t know why Target changed its corporate mind. According to my calendar, it hasn’t even been a month since Target announced it was going to stop selling cards, including Pokémon cards.

Magic: The Gathering cards don’t look like they’re going anywhere. They never were part of the original suspension. I don’t think things ever got violent over Magic. Sealed Magic cards don’t command high prices on the speculator market. If anything, it seems you can get sealed Magic: The Gathering product cheaper online than you can at Walmart or Target. At least that’s the way it was the last time I looked on Amazon and eBay.

Let this be a lesson to everyone: things change, including store policies based on foolishness.

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