Why people hate driving for Uber

I decided to drive for Uber today. I went out this afternoon and ended up taking only three trips. The second trip irritated me. Not the trip, but the way Uber handled it. It’s one of the reasons why people hate driving for Uber.

Uber sent me a notification that there was a rider at the Hagerstown Walmart. I accepted the trip and drove to Walmart. The rider sent me a text message telling me which entrance he was at. I got there and helped him put his bags in the car. I began the trip and I learned from the Uber Driver app that he wanted to go to Greencastle, Pennsylvania. It was around 11 miles away.

I got on Interstate 81 and began driving up to Greencastle. The rider asked if I would mind stopping at a convenience store before we got to his destination. No problem. When I pulled off the interstate at his exit, I stopped at the convenience store he wanted to go to. I waited about five minutes while he bought whatever he wanted to buy. He came back out to the car and I drove him to his destination.

As soon as I dropped him off and completed the trip, I put the Uber Driver app in offline mode. I was in Pennsylvania. With a car registered in Maryland, I knew I could only begin Uber rides in Maryland, Washington DC, and Deleware.

As soon as I got back south of the Mason-Dixon line, I tried to put the Uber Driver app back in online mode. It wouldn’t let me. It said I was in an area that I wasn’t registered with Uber to drive. I was back in Hagerstown at this point. I went ahead and rebooted my iPhone. That allowed me to bring up the Uber Driver app and go online.

It still didn’t show how much I made from my last trip. I didn’t worry about it because I know sometimes it can take a while for trips to be tabulated. I took another trip and decided to call it a day. It annoyed me that my trip up to Greencastle still wasn’t showing in my earnings report.

I stopped by the grocery store, bought a few things, and went home.

Once I got home, I checked Uber and they’re still processing my second trip. How many hours will it take? I’m sure the fact that the trip took me to Pennsylvania made things more complicated for Uber, but Uber sent me there. They should have the ability to calculate trips from the Hagerstown Walmart to Greencastle. People from Greencastle routinely shop at the Hagerstown Walmart.

Uber needs to focus on improving their basic software and the ability to process trips in a quick and accurate manner instead of trying to build a fleet of soulless robot cars with reportedly stolen software.