Kyle Rittenhouse is going to prison unless he doesn’t

I watched (listened) to some of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial this past week. What should be a straight forward question, was Rittenhouse justified in using lethal force against people attacking him, has turned into a smorgasbord of stupidity.

With the amount of video evidence made available in of the three shootings, I find it very hard to understand why this case was even taken to trial. From the video I saw that was presented in court, it was crystal clear to me Rittenhouse did not instigate any of the interactions with of the three people he shot. Far from it. He was running away from the people who wanted to do him harm, and they were chasing after him.

I have a hard time relating to Rittenhouse. Not because he shot and killed two people, and wounding a third, who were chasing and attacking him. That I get. If someone is attempting to kill me and I have a rifle in my hands, I’m going to shoot them.

What I can’t relate to is Rittenhouse even being in Kenosha that night. I don’t understand choosing to be somewhere that I know riots are taking place. That I don’t get. I will never understand the motivation someone has who chooses to be at ground zero of an active riot. That is just beyond stupid.

I don’t find fault with 17-year-old Rittenhouse possessing a rife. I understand under Wisconsin law, you must be 18 to posses a rifle. I think that became a moot point when he was charged as an adult. Either he’s an adult or he’s not. I think it’s pathetic to charge someone as an adult and then also, charge them with a crime based solely on the fact that he technically was not an adult.

Rittenhouse is just a dumb person, but he’s not the only one. There were at least three people dumber than him: the three men he shot. What kind of idiot chases someone armed with an AR-15 with a 30 round clip? I’m not a gambling man, but that’s like going all in at the poker table against someone showing you they have four aces. Holding four aces is good, right?

I honestly have no idea how this court case will end. I don’t think there’s a threat of riots if the case doesn’t end in a way the angry mob wants it to. That hasn’t been the case in other recent court cases. There was a recent court case I felt that if the jury didn’t return a guilty verdict, every juror would have their home burned to the ground. Luckily, the jury returned the verdict the mob wanted.

If Rittenhouse does go free, the first thing he needs to do is find different role models. Every adult in his life has failed him in astronomical proportions.


Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges yesterday, November 19. The jury verdict affirms that Americans have a right to defend themselves against lethal threats OR America is a white supremest country basking in white supremacy.

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