Dr. Drew Pinsky, COVID-19 denier, tests positive for the disease he denied

COVID-19 denier Dr. Drew Pinsky tests positive for the disease he denied - Bent Corner

Dr. Drew Pinsky, quack physician and COVID-19 denier tested positive for COVID-19. I’m not surprised he contracted COVID-19. I’m surprised it took this long.

Pinsky dedicated the early months of the pandemic to downplaying the threat of COVID-19. He said the seasonal flu was going to be much worse than COVID-19. He also said COVID-19 was a “press-induced panic.” As of yesterday, 336,779 Americans have died from Pinsky’s press-induced panic.

It’s impossible to know how many people were misled by Dr. Drew Pinsky’s misinformation campaign and ended up contracting COVID-19. I’m sure some gullible people chose to believe the garbage the reality TV doctor said. How many Americans died stemming from the wrong medical advice spewed by Pinsky?

We will never know.

Here’s a video compilation put together of all the wrong medical information relayed by Dr. Drew Pinsky:

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