Boogie2988 says his critics are worse than rapists and Nazis

Boogie2988, the loveable man-child of the Internet, has done it again. While playing World of Warcraft Classic on Twitch, he told his audience that his haters are worse people than rapists and Nazis. The reason? Because at least they believe in something.

Huh? Here’s a clip from the Twitch stream:

Critics, rapists, and Nazis, oh my!

Personally, I’m not at all surprised Boogie2988 would believe a rapist is a better person than someone who dares to criticize him for something he’s said or done. His own father was a child rapist.  He’s never shied away from defending him. That said, I don’t know what rapists stand for. I don’t understand what they believe.

I’m also not surprised that he would say Nazis are better people than his critics. Not really. Boogie once said on Twitter that, “Some good came from the Holocaust.” He later deleted the offending tweet. He then defended himself saying he believed that because it’s what he learned in high school. There’s also the issue with his screen name. Specifically, the last two digits, 88. Some believe it’s a callout to neo-Nazis who use 88 as code for “Heil Hitler.” The letter “H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet.

I don’t know why he included the number 88 for his screen name. It’s possible he chose it to convey a secret nod to white supremacists. It’s also possible he’s just ignorant to its meaning and also too lazy to have googled it. When it comes to Boogie, it’s almost always safe to assume ignorance and laziness.

This is why Boogie2988 is not advertiser-friendly

I think the fact he would say something like this while playing World of Warcraft Classic demonstrates why advertisers don’t want anything to do with him anymore. The man is just too toxic to do business with. They never know what terrible thing he is going to say. Even though this video happened on Twitch and advertisers worked with him on YouTube, it’s not possible to keep the two platforms separate. Not anymore.

In conclusion

I think the problem may be that Boogie2988 personally doesn’t think rapists and Nazis are terrible, but he knows normal humans do. He strongly thinks his critics are terrible people. He tried to convey just how terrible his critics are by comparing them to people normal humans think are terrible people. The end result is more proof Boogie2988 is an awful person.


In case you think the Mr. Rogers of the Internet was taken out of context, he posted a follow-up message clarifying his thoughts. If anything, it’s actually worse than what he said on Twitch.

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