Boogie2988 mocks gamer because they come from a ‘broken home’

Steven Williams, the man you plays Boogie2988 on the Internet, did something on Twitch that exposed him as the person he really is.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, Boogie is not the rotund Mister Rogers of YouTube. He is a mean, self-centered, manipulative person who would rather lie than tell the truth.

Boogie2988 was on Twitch playing a video game with strangers. Here is the video:

Boogie does not know this person. He asked them personal questions and then used the fact the other person’s parents are not together against them. Boogie even tried to gaslight him into believing he had anger issues.

Boogie, a 44-year-old man then tries to turn it around by saying both his parents are dead and that he’s Batman.

Boogie2988 mocks gamer because they come from a 'broken home' - Bent Corner
Batman vs. Boogie 2988 (Image: Frank Miller)

Boogie2988 is not Batman. He is a self-centered liar who feeds off pity. Boogie2988 is the type of man Batman beats up and leaves lying in an ally.

Boogie2988 only cares about himself

Again, Boogie does not know this person. He does not know if the other person has mental health issues. If they are “suicidal tendencies” or suffers from dissociation. These are two mental disorders Boogie claims to suffer from. Also, is this other person unlucky enough to have the world-famous Boogie mock on Twitch even 18? It’s not clear from the video if they are an adult or not.

From what I have seen on Twitter and Reddit, more and more people are beginning to see Boogie for what he is. This video seems to have resonated with many of them. Good. It happened to me a while ago. I went from being a fan to the opposite of a fan. I expect more people will do the same. Eventually, his YouTube channel will die and he will have to get a job.

MundaneMatt’s subscriber count is declining, but it’s not all bad

MundaneMatt’s subscriber count has declined steadily since word got out he was using YouTube’s flagging system to get revenge towards other YouTube creators. These creators dared to criticized his channel’s content.

To do something like that is a serious thing to YouTubers. It’s called false flagging. If you false flag a channel and its read by the wrong person at YouTube, it can result in the flagged channel getting removed from the platform.

It’s true that he’s been hemorrhaging subscribers, but there’s more to it than that. A lot more. The following is from Social Blade, a popular social media analytics site.

Is MundaneMatt’s channel dying?

The red numbers show how many people are subscribing/unsubscribing to his channel. The number has been in the negative since people found out about Matt’s fondness for false flagging other YouTubers. The subscriber count is actually meaningless. YouTubers don’t get paid by how many subscribers they have. They get paid for the views they get. In the case of MundaneMatt, his view count has gone up each and every day since this false flagging controversy reared its ugly head.

MundaneMatt is losing subscribers, but not subscribers who watch his content. People subscribe to channels all the time and never watch them. Also, he may be losing more subscribers than people even think, but this number is offset by the number of new subscribers he’s adding, subscribers who watch his videos. For all anyone knows, his viewers may not care he false-flagged other channels on YouTube. This seems to be a much more egregious crime to YouTubers than it is to normal folk. Plus, maybe his viewers don’t like any of the channels he false-flagged. Who knows?

Subscribers who watch your videos are the type of subscribers any YouTubers should want. These are the type of subscribers YouTubers should want.

There’s also another scenario that could cause MundaneMatt’s viewership to increase

There’s also another reason MundaneMatt’s view count is going up. By default, when you go to a video’s page to leave a comment, the video automatically begins to play. A lot of people have gone to each video he makes and leaving snarky, negative comments. How many of his views are coming from this? Looking at his public analytics, it’s impossible to say. I don’t think that would cause such a huge increase in his view count. Then again, if these same people are returning to his comment section, causing the videos to replay, it could add up to something quite substantive.

Leave MundaneMatt alone (Update)

(Note: make sure to read the update located at the end of this post.)

YouTube personality MundaneMatt (government name Matt Jarbo) is in hot water with other YouTube personalities for committing one of the greatest crimes a YouTube personality can commit: flagging videos critical of him as falsely containing inappropriate content.

Personally, I don’t see how this is a big deal. Not really. I assumed most if not all YouTube content creators did this.  Where MundaneMatt screwed up is appearing on TheRalphRetort’s #Killstream YouTube channel and then showing a screenshot of his YouTube flagging history. That, and flagging other YouTubers with his main YouTube account. I assume when other YouTubers do this, they either have a friend do it, or they use one of their alt accounts.

Is flagging other YouTube creators a dirty thing to do?

If this seems like a scumball thing to do, remember, he did this to other YouTube creators. Most of them refuse to show their face and insist on using a fake name when making content. At least MundaneMatt shows his face and doesn’t shield his real name as though it’s the equivalent to the nuclear launch codes.

Showing his face is actually a detriment for Matt. He has a face more suited for an old-school audio-only podcast. As far as voices go, he has one of the best on YouTube. The problem is, he looks like a pretentious Kevin Smith without the hockey jersey and trenchcoat.

When I go to YouTube and do a search for MundaneMatt, I find a multitude of videos created within the last 48 hours by all sorts of anonymous edgelords condemning him for flagging other YouTubers and then lying about it. These people need to slow their roll. People who lie about their identity should not be lecturing anyone else about lying.

These people all have garbage people for an audience. If you don’t believe me, go to their comment sections and get a good whiff of the scum populating it.

You should never take advice from anonymous edgelords

Most of these fake people are jumping up and down demanding MundaneMatt address this matter on his channel. For his sake and for the sake of his audience, I hope he doesn’t do that. Much like going on TheRalphRetort’s #Killstream, nothing good can come out of it. MundaneMatt has a responsibility to his audience, not TheRalphRetort, Keemstar, Declan Black, or any of the other cringy edgelords demanding blood and other various bodily fluids.

I’ve criticized Matt in the past. I refuse to criticize him for this non-crime.


Zoe Quinn

Mister Metokur posted his video on MundaneMatt. After watching it, I now legally, morally, and spiritually rescind everything I posted above. I learned Matt’s channel became popular way back when after Zoë Quinn abused the flagging system on YouTube and flagged one of his videos for copyright infringement. He made a video about that and after five years of YouTube obscurity, became an overnight sensation.

I didn’t know this history.

I have such a low opinion of professional YouTube content creators. I automatically believe most of them engage in sketchy behavior and when caught, lie about it. See Boogie2988. See Jeremy Hambly.

I realize now what MundaneMatt did goes well beyond the normal YouTube creator unethical sketchiness. He went so far past the line of normal professional YouTube creator behavior, he can’t even see Boogie2988 or Jeremy Hambly with a high-powered telescope.

I think MundaneMatt is done being a professional YouTuber. He needs to look into truck driver school. You’ve got to admit he looks like someone hauling cheaply made Chinese goods from one location to another. He looks the type of would enjoy peeing in an empy Gatorade bottle.

The time Jeremy Hambly was banned from ‘Magic: The Gathering’

With Jeremy Hambly in the news because of his assault at the hands of Matt Loter the early morning of August 2, 2018, hours before the start of Gen Con, I thought it would be a good idea to check why Wizards of the Coast (WotC), the maker of Magic The Gathering, banned him for life. I’m glad I did because when WotC banned him on December 7, 2017, I criticized the ban. I’ve since learned I was wrong.

Hambly deserved the ban.

Christine Sprankle

I knew the ban was for harassing and bullying cosplayer Christine Sprankle, but I didn’t know the details. At the time, I thought the claims of harassment and bullying were overblown. I now know they were not. I never saw the video in which Hambly harassed Sprankle because YouTube removed it. He posted the video on 5 June 2017 and entitled it, “Playset Of Beta White Knights Prevent Rape Of MTG Cosplayer @cspranklerun.”

If you think the word “rape” along with a woman’s twitter handle is a bad idea for a video title, you would be right.  Even though YouTube removed the video, an archived copy is available, something I didn’t know when this controversy first arose.

The video is a lot worse than what I expected.

What Jeremy Hambly said about Christine Sprankle

In the video, Hambly referred to Sprankle as a “serial virtue signaler” and “crying for patron dollars professional cosplayer.” This was in response to Sprankle complaining publicly on Twitter about a man who posted a message on her Facebook page stating her cosplay gives him an erection. Hambly stated he would react favorably if he received a similar comment from a man.

Hambly then proceeded to run down the list comments made in response to Sprankle’s tweet, calling everyone who supported her a cuck and/or white knight. He called one man a shitty father.

Hambly also accused everyone supporting Sprankle on Twitter of wanting to penetrate her.

Hambly said cosplay is lingerie and then proceeded to go over photos of Sprankle cosplaying and made lewd, sexual comments about each photo. He then told his viewers to go to her Twitter account and let her know how unattractive and unsexual she looks.

Jeremy Hambly is a raging hypocrite

He also seems to have a major issue with Sprankle having a Patreon account so her fans can send her donations. Hambly calls these people “fucking losers.” I find this strange considering he too has a Patreon account so his fans can send him donations. Why does he criticize Sprankle for doing the same thing he does? Because Hambly suffers from weapons-grade hypocrisy.

Sprankle posted the following on Twitter:

It has been a rough year. And I have blocked and not said anything about him because I wanted it to die but without a doubt MtGHeadquarters/UnsleevedMedia has made my life hell this whole year with his unnecessary videos/tweets about me and other members of Magic.

— . (@cspranklerunNovember 25, 2017

Sprinkle has since deleted all of her tweets.

I am embarrassed I supported Jeremy Hambly

Watching the video Hambly made about Sprankle leaves me feeling embarrassed I originally supported him after Wizards of the Coast (WotC) gave him a lifetime ban. After watching the video removed by YouTube, I think WotC did the right thing. Hambly is a dishonest, toxic person.  I say he’s dishonest because he was purposely spreading false information about the ban as soon as it happened.

Hambly said he never harassed Sprankle. That’s not true. WotC said actions taken in his social media accounts were in violation of WotC’s code of conduct.  YouTube is part of social media. Hambly claimed in the above video to never agreeing to WotC’s code of conduct. That’s not true. If he had a Magic Online account, something he said he had before the ban, he had to check a box agreeing to adhere to the WotC code of conduct when he first created his account and then again each and every time the game was updated.

Hambly said he never harassed Sprankle, nor did he direct others to harass her. That’s not true. Anyone who watched the original video YouTube removed knows such claims are false.

Hambly harassed Sprankel.
Hambly directed others to harass Sprankel.

Hambly benefited greatly from YouTube removing his original video. Because it’s somewhat difficult for people to find, he’s able to lie and mislead people about the video’s content.

If I was WotC, I wouldn’t want him anywhere near my sanctioned events. I wouldn’t want Hambly to have anything to do with my game made for ages 13 and up.

Jeremy Hambly getting punched at Gen Con is now officially a dumpster fire

I’m calling it. As of 9:44 pm eastern daylight time, Jeremy Hambly getting attacked by Matt Loter at Gen Con is now officially a five-alarm dumpster fire.

Little by little, the story of him getting punched to the back of the head because of his “political beliefs” has become more and more absurd. Last night Jeremy released a video that said a whole host of things, some of which contradicted what he said earlier.

The whole thing is a mess. An absurd, hot mess.

Jeremy Hambly should have been prepared to deal with people who hate him

Jeremy Hambly

Jeremy is a controversial, YouTube culture warrior. He was banned for life by Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Magic: The Gathering for what they considered harassment and bullying of people in the community. He’s not allowed to attend sanctioned Magic: The Gathering events or tournaments for the rest of his life. There’s a reason they took this extraordinary step.

Whatever you think about Jeremy, there’s no denying he’s disliked by a good many people. It’s a reaction he spends a lot of time and energy cultivating.

If this happened to me, I would not have called the police

Matt Loter

If someone like Matt Loter attacked me and I walked away with little to no physical damage, I wouldn’t have called the police. What’s the point? I generally don’t like the police and I try not to interact with them.

I also wouldn’t broadcast to the world that I allowed some alt-lifestyle freakazoid to approach me from behind and punch my head several times. The last thing I would want is my name in a public record documenting my inept reaction to being assaulted by someone. Consider how often Jeremy refers to men he doesn’t like as cucks, soy boys, and beta males. Now consider how he acted when he met with someone who wanted to do him harm. He ran away. At the very least, I don’t think he should ever call into question another man’s maleness.

Is Jeremy Hambly an alcoholic?

I think Jeremy has a drinking problem. In the military, this incident would be classified as an alcohol-related incident. He would have to be evaluated and depending on the findings, forced to attend an alcohol a rehab program and AA meetings. Even if he didn’t have, according to him, 19 drinks before the assault, the fact it happened outside a bar at 2:00 am would trigger some kind of mandatory treatment. Good thing for Jeremy he’s not in the military. Good thing for the military too. His reaction to someone visiting violence upon him is to run away.

Jeremy Hambly wants to be a victim

Jeremy seems obsessed with making this one drunken incident his defining moment. He seems to want to wallow in victimhood. That’s too bad. Who wants to be known as a human punching bag? Who wants to be a professional victim? Not me, that’s who. I would do everything in my power not to be those things. I get the impression this was the first time he was attacked by someone. I wouldn’t call it a fight because that implies both parties participated. Matt threw ineffective punches and Jeremy fled to the safety inside the bar.

That, of course, is if you believe any of it even took place.

How is Jeremy Hambly going to sue Gen Con assailant Matt Loter?

Gen Con is wrapping up today. As of this morning, there’s still no indication the Indianapolis Police Department has arrested Matt Loter, the man Jeremy Hambly identified as his assailant. In fact, there’s been no word that they’ve even questioned him.

That’s not good. If you think Matt Loter should be punished for assaulting Jeremy Hambly, it would be nice if the police did their jobs. If you count on the police protecting you against those who would do you harm, think again. You are totally dependant on whether the police will do their jobs or not. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. It’s a fickle thing.

Would a prosecutor even take the case to trial?

Even if the police arrest Loter and present the case to the prosecutor, it’s doubtful they would elect to prosecute. The reason? Both Hambly and Loter live out-of-state, Wisconsin and Connecticut, respectively. The witnesses most likely live out-of-state too. If Loter is ever going to be convicted in a criminal trial, it will depend heavily on witness testimony. If the prosecutor was going to take the case to trial, he or she has to hope the witnesses will come back to Indianapolis to testify in court as to what they witnessed for what most likely would be a misdemeanor.

And for what exactly? Hambly didn’t seek medical attention after the attack. That would indicate he wasn’t injured in the attack. Hambly said exactly that in YouTube videos that he has since removed from public view. He also didn’t return home to Wisconsin after the attack, nor even try to get a temporary restraining order against Loter. That would indicate the attack and the threat of future attacks by Loter wasn’t a concern of Hambly’s.

What damages did Jeremy Hambly suffer?

Other than a favorite shirt, it’s not clear how Hambly suffered any damages from the attack. In fact, the opposite is true. Hambly received a lot of positive public attention after news of the attack was made public. Subscriptions to his two YouTube channels, TheQuartering, and Unsleeved Media are almost guaranteed to go up now.

Speaking of non-existent damages, Hambly is planning on suing Mr. Loter in civil court. There’s even a GoFundMe campaign raising money for the lawsuit, not by Hambly, by artist Ethan Van Sciver.

How would a lawsuit even work?

I don’t quite understand how a civil lawsuit would work in this case. Again, Jeremy experienced no real damages from the cowardly attack. He didn’t seek medical attention, nor did he feel the need to leave the con and go home. He did get positive exposure from the attack, something quite valuable for a YouTuber with two channels.

Van Sciver has raised over $13,000 in two days for Hambly. When the campaign is over and Van Sciver gives the money to Hambly, he’s under no legal obligation to use the money on a civil trial. Even if he did sue Loter and then won the lawsuit, would a jury or judge award him anything close to $13,000?

I doubt it. He’d have to show his damages. Again, it doesn’t appear he has any. If he had gone to the hospital and then left Gen Con in fear of his safety, he could have shown he had some damages. Even then I don’t think his damages would amount to anything close to $13,000. There wasn’t any pain and suffering because he didn’t seek medical attention. He also didn’t leave the convention. If anything, he was able to capitalize on the attack. Good for him. As Jesus H. Christ famously said, turn lemons into lemonade. Hambly turned the incident into a giant tumbler of delicious lemonade.

The cap on small claims judgments where the attack took place is $8,000. I doubt a small claims judge would award Hambly anything close to that amount considering he can’t prove damages.

The GoFundMe campaign throws up red flags

How is Jeremy Hambly going to sue Gen Con assailant Matt Loter? - Bent Corner

When I learned there was a crowdfunding drive to seek justice for Jeremy Hamley initiated by Ethan Van Sciver, I began looking at this story with a much more critical eye. The GoFundMe campaign states the following:

The perpetrator has been identified, and will be arrested shortly.

Really? Although the perpetrator has been identified, I don’t know how anyone can say for certain he will be arrested. If he’s not arrested, will the people donating money to Jeremy Hamley then get a refund?

I”m extremely leery of anyone asking for donations, especially when they make claims they have no way of ensuring will come true. Just because you hope the police arrest Jeremy’s attacker, doesn’t mean it will happen. That’s not the way things work.

But then what do I know? I’m not a lawyer. I didn’t go to law school or pass the bar.

My advice

How is Jeremy Hambly going to sue Gen Con assailant Matt Loter? - Bent Corner

If I were in a position to recommend a course of action for Hamley, I’d recommend he try to take the case to Judge Judy. Not only would the show pay for both parties to fly to Los Angeles and stay in a hotel, including any witnesses, it would also pay each litigant as well as any witnesses. Both Hamley and Loter would make compelling TV. Additionally, both parties would benefit professionally from the TV exposure. Hamley with his YouTube channels and Loter with the games he’s designed and the Connecticut game store he and his wife operate.

When in doubt, go to Judge Judy.