The Hot Wheels Collectors Special Edition ’64 Impala

The next vehicle available for the Hot Wheels Collectors Red Line Club members to purchase is the Special Edition ’64 Impala. The car features a fake lift system to be raised and lowered like a 1/1 scale lowrider.

The Hot Wheels Collectors Special Edition ’64 Impala - Bent Corner
Photographer David Chickering

As the photo shows, it comes with a small mirror that the car can be displayed on so that you can view its chassis.


The Special Edition ’64 Impala is not even a Red Line Club car

Unlike other vehicles released by the Hot Wheels Club, this one comes in a box. It does not come carded. I guess it’s because it’s designed to be displayed loose on its tiny mirror.

Photographer David ChickeringI don’t know who this offering was designed for, but it was not designed for me. I know that much.

When I joined the Red Line Club, it wasn’t for the chance to purchase toy vehicles like this Special Edition ’64 Impala.

I’m not interested in older model American cars, especially those featuring gimmicky abominations. If a car looks like it could have been in the movie American Graffiti, I don’t want it. The only exception to this rule is the ’65 Ford Galaxy. I like that car and buy diecast replicas of it because it was my first car. Other than that, I’m more of a fan of foreign-made cars. I’m a big fan of Datsuns, especially the 510 station wagon. When I was in the Air Force in the Philippines. I owned a Datsun 510 station wagon.

I love small cars

The Hot Wheels Collectors Special Edition ’64 Impala - Bent Corner
Datsun 510 Station Wagon

Even though I’m a big person (6-6), I love driving small cars. I feel much more of an active participant in the driving experience when I’m driving a small car. What can I say? I’m weird.

This Special Edition ’64 Impala goes on sale tomorrow at 12:00 pm EDT. Even though it is not a Red Line Club vehicle, you have to be a Red Line Club member to purchase it. They will undoubtedly sell out in a few minutes. Mattel is only making 20,000 of them.

I just checked eBay. People are already pre-selling them. This one is currently at $130.50 and it has another three days to go. Even though I have no interest in this car, considering how stupid the secondary market is acting, I have to give buying one of these from the Hot Wheels Club a try. I could sell it on eBay and use the money for something equally stupid, something that I like.

It seems like people have a lot of discretionary money right now

The Hot Wheels Collectors Special Edition ’64 Impala

There’s no doubt an awful lot of people seem to have an influx of stupid money at their disposal. It’s almost like the federal government recently sent every American an extra $1,600 whether they needed it or not. Not that I’m complaining. Considering how the federal government botched its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I think Americans are owed compensation.

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