Target exclusive ‘Star Trek’ Gorn Funko POP! is live for preorder

Preorders went live today at Target for the exclusive Star Trek Gorn Funko POP! figure. If the figure looks like the Target website’s image, then this will be something all Funko loving Trekkies will want to own. As a Funko loving Trekkie, I should know.

Target exclusive 'Star Trek' Gorn Funko POP! is live for preorder - Bent Corner

From looking at the image of the boxed figure, I can tell it is 100% computer-generated. The figure is only $8.99, but you have to pay $5.99 for shipping. You don’t have the option of picking it up in the store for free. I’ve done that with other merchandise I’ve ordered from the website.

If it arrives damaged, either the figure itself or the box, I’ll take it back to the store for a refund. I’ve had to do that before, and it was easy to do. The way Target packs collectible items, there’s a high likelihood it will arrive smashed.

If you want to order one for yourself, you can do so by going here. Like all Target preorders, there is a limit of one per customer.


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