My iMac is acting up, and it’s really annoying me

I’ve been experiencing a problem with my iMac. I will work on something and my mouse curser will lockup. The curser will then turn into a spinning beach ball, followed by the iMac rebooting.

I’ve reformatted the main hard drive and reinstalled the operating system twice now. The first time I did this, the problem went away for quite a while. It then began happening again, prompting me to wipe the hard drive and reinstall the operating system.

The issue returned about a week later. I took the above screenshot yesterday. As you can see, I have nothing running and the CPU load is nearly 50 percent. With programs running, the load is of course much higher.

Here’s a screenshot of the system specs:

My iMac is acting up and it is annoying me - Bent Corner

Time to troubleshoot the problem

I’ve been doing a bit of troubleshooting. I stopped using Safari, Apple’s default web browser. I made Google Chrome the default web browser. It’s only been a day, but I’ve already noticed a difference. I’ve been running the Endurance app and the CPU Load rarely goes over 20 percent.

My iMac is acting up and it is annoying me - Bent Corner
The CPU Load with eight Google Chrome tabs open, once of them streaming a video.

Wait and see

I will just have to wait and see if using Google Chrome instead of Safari makes a difference. I think it would be crazy if that turns out to be the issue. Apple makes Safari specifically for the Mac. How can a browser made solely for a Mac cause problems on a Mac?

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