Los Angeles Dodgers, champions of the 60-game season


The Los Angeles Dodgers did something last night they’ve failed to do since 1988: Win the World Series.

It’s not like they haven’t tried. The Dodgers have tried to win the World Series a lot. They just haven’t been able to get it done. That is, until last night. What enabled the Dodgers to win a World Series again, finally? First, they bought another team’s best player. Then, thanks to COVID-19, they played a season comprised of only 60 games. Lastly, they get the opposing manager to make a bonehead move at a pivotal moment in Game Six. That’s it.

The Dodgers have stumbled upon their (new) winning strategy

It’s uncertain if the Dodgers can employ their new winning strategy next year. Sure, they can buy another team’s best player. They can even count on another manager doing something stupid at an inopportune moment. Baseball managers do stupid things all the time. The problem for the Dodgers is next season will most likely be 162 games long. You know, a real Major League Baseball season.

Not that COVID-19 will not be around next April. COVID-19 will be a problem until we have a working vaccine. Who knows how long that will take. The problem for the Dodgers is next year’s season will probably not get shortened.

Speaking of COVID-19, it looks like many of the team and staff will test positive for the coronavirus very soon.

From ESPN:

The Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series on Tuesday night, and in the moments after, the world learned that Justin Turner, the team’s third baseman and pulse of the clubhouse, had contracted the coronavirus. Turner was asked to isolate. He did not abide. He strode onto the field, where his teammates were celebrating their 3-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 6, and joined. He removed his mask to pose for pictures with his wife, whom he kissed. He planted himself on the ground as the team gathered for a photo to commemorate the Dodgers’ first championship in 32 years. To his right sat Dave Roberts, the Dodgers’ manager, who 10 years ago was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. To Turner’s left, gleaming, sat the World Series trophy.

Congratulations, now you have COVID-19!

It probably didn’t matter too much that Justin Turner frolicked on the field with his teammates after the game. Granted, he was told to isolate. Sure, he put his needs first before the health and safety of others. The thing is anyone who sat in the dugout with superspreader Turner probably already has the virus. Now they will take the virus home to their loved ones, who will undoubtedly spread it around to others who will do the same. So on and so on.

Sometimes I’m reminded how stupid sports and the people who play them can be. Last night was one of those times.

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