Leaving Afghanistan looks just as awful as we knew it would be

President Biden kept his promise to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan. The Taliban reacted by sweeping in and capturing most of the country. The Afghan military the U.S. has been training for the past 20 years laid their weapons down and refused to defend their country against the Taliban.

The imagery coming out of Afghanistan looks terrible. People not wanting to live under the Islamist boot of the Taliban are trying to flee the country. 640 Afghan refugees packed themselves into an Air Force C-17 cargo plane headed to Qatar.

Leaving Afghanistan looks just as awful as we knew it would - Bent Corner
Photo from inside of an Air Force C-17 carrying 640 refugees out of Afghanistan.

Personally, I hope every one of these Afghan refugees is brought to the United States and given a green card. Not only do I think they’d make great additions to our country, people desperately wanting to flee a repressive, violent religious state, but them coming here will also make Tucker Carlson mad.

Tucker Carlson

That’s what I call a win-win.

We should have left Afghanistan a long time ago. We could stay another 20 40 years and the results would be the same. The Taliban controlled most of Afghanistan when we first invaded. The Taliban will control the country in our absence. No amount of dead U.S. service members will change that fact.

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