Zoë Quinn, professional comic book writer

Zoë Quinn, professional comic book writer - Bent Corner

Just when I thought the medium of American comic books was dead, something happened that breathed new life into its rotting carcass. Zoë Quinn (government name Chelsea Van Valkenburg) will be writing a comic book for DC Comics as part of their relaunch of the Vertigo imprint. The book is called Goddess Mode. It will almost certainly be a bestseller. The bar has become so low in the world of comics, to be a bestseller, it only has to sell 50,000 copies.

This will not be Quinn’s first attempt at writing fiction. She authored the critically acclaimed book, Crash Override: How Gamergate (Nearly) Destroyed My Life, and How We Can Win the Fight Against Online Hate The book was so successful, it was nominated for a Hugo Award, the annual award given for the best works in science fiction or fantasy.

Zoë Quinn, professional comic book writer - Bent Corner
Hugo Award-nominated book.

The GamerGate movement

Zoë Quinn helped kick off the GamerGame movement back when she was an indie game developer. Ex-boyfriend Eron Gjoni accused her of making love with up to five different guys. This was while she was in a committed relationship with Gjoni.

Zoë Quinn, professional comic book writer - Bent Corner
Some people read about Zoë Quinn and get a craving for greasy hamburgers and french fries.

One of the guys, Nathan Grayson, is a game journalist for Kotaku. Members of a secret Facebook or Google group made up of game journalists agreed not to report on the scandal.

To some, this proved video game journalism was unethical. GamerGate was then born!

All journalism is unethical

To me, GamerGate was more than a little silly. Of course, game journalism is unethical. All journalism is unethical. It’s the world we live in. The marketplace has spoken and there’s simply not a market for ethical journalism in today’s world.

I’m somewhat shocked it took this long for a comics publisher to hire Zoë Quinn, although I’m surprised it wasn’t for Marvel Comics. She would fit right in with many of the Marvel writers.

Zoë Quinn is my hero

I’m happy for Zoë Quinn. She’s always been a personal hero of mine. Although she has no discernible talent or marketable skill to speak of, she’s like a human Chumbawamba song. I get knocked down, but I get up again.

Zoë Quinn is the human Chumbawamba song.

Now she’s writing a comic book. Why did it take this long for her to land a writing gig with one of the big two comic publishers? Move over Neil Gaiman, The great Zoë Quinn is relaunching Vertigo. What can’t she do?

Nothing. That’s what.

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