Think you own the e-books you purchase? Think again

Think you own e-books you purchase? Think again - BENT CORNERThere’s a story making the rounds about a Norwegian woman who had her Amazon account canceled and her Kindle wiped cleaned of the e-books she paid for without warning or explanation. Evidently she created her Amazon account with the UK address of a friend. She did this to be able to purchase Amazon UK English Kindle books from Norway.

Publishers work hard to control who reads what based on territories. One publisher may have the right to sell a book in one country, but not in another. A totally different publisher may have the right to sell that same book in another county.

I thought the European Union was created to do away with antiquated systems such as this. I guess not.

This story really got me thinking about buying digital books. According to Amazon’s Kindle Store Terms of Use, when you purchase a digital book, you aren’t really buying it. Kindle content is licensed, not sold.

I’ve been buying a lot of digital books lately. This story has got me thinking that maybe I should go back to buying books made from dead trees. Books made from paper aren’t licensed, they’re sold. When I buy a paper book, I don’t have to click a user agreement. I can do what I want with the book because it’s mine, it’s not licensed  I can let somebody else read it, I can throw it away, or I can even burn it. Unless it’s the Quran, That would just start a bunch of trouble, and I don’t like trouble, especially when it’s religious in nature.

At least most of the time.

I think I may hold off on buying digital books. At least for a while.

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