Yesterday was Maryland’s worst day in COVID-19 history

The Maryland Department of Health published the latest COVID-19 numbers this morning, and it was not good. Yesterday was by far the worst day for Maryland in COVID-19 history. By every metric possible. yesterday’s numbers are the worst they’ve ever been.

  • 14,316 new cases
  • 20.63% positivity rate
  • 76 people admitted to a hospital, bringing the total to 2,122 people hospitalized
  • 55 deaths

Maryland hospitals are getting slammed, yet Maryland Governor Larry Hogan refuses to do anything to help slow the spread. He has both the authority and responsibility to enact proven measures to slow down the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, yet refuses to enact a mandatory mask mandate or to limit capacity in public buildings. Hogan hopes to run for the U.S. Senate or even the White House and he doesn’t want to do anything that would hurt him in a Republican primary.

It’s sad that making people wear masks during a deadly pandemic will hurt your ability to get Republicans to vote for you.

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