Yankees fans react to losing to Tampa Rays with class and dignity

The New York Yankees were losing 8-2 to the Tampa Bay Rays in the bottom of the 8th inning last night. Some of the 10,202 Yankees fans in attendance decided to show their displeasure by chucking baseballs onto the field.

The Yankees are not having a great start to the season. Their record is 5-8, and they’ve lost three games in a row. They have the worst record in the American League East, the Baltimore Orioles‘ position normally calls home. Evidently, Yankees fans don’t like feeling like Orioles fans. That’s too bad.

Yankees fans need to embrace the suck

I’m a firm believer in the concept that you cannot enjoy the highs unless you experience the lows. To be a fan, you have to have your heart broken before you truly appreciate the euphoria of winning it all. The way I look at the current situation, Yankees fans should embrace the team’s current situation. What kind of fan is someone who throws things on to the field of play when their team isn’t winning? What message do they think they’re sending to the team? If these fans think throwing baseballs onto the field and showering the Yankees players with boos will make them play better, they are delusionally stupid.

That’s not the way humans work. The Yankees players and coaches don’t want to be terrible. The fans should realize everyone in the Yankees organization wants to do well. It’s not like the Yankees are stealing a page from the Orioles and want to do poorly so they can get high draft picks. The Yankees aren’t trying to be bad. It would probably help them get out of their collective funk if they felt support from the fans.

I read a t-shirt once that said Jesus hates the Yankees.

Yankees fans react to losing to Tampa Rays with class and dignity

Jesus loves everyone. It’s in the Bible. The fact that the literal son of God hates the Yankees tells me they don’t need any hate from their own fans.

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