The first official trailer for ‘Y: The Last Man’ television series

FX and Hulu released the first official trailer today for Y: The Last Man. It’s based on the Vertigo comic written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Pia Guerra.

The premise of the story is that every mammal on earth with a Y chromosome suddenly drops dead. Every mammal except two: a human named Yorick Brown and Ampersand, Yorick’s pet monkey.

First official trailer for the FX Series 'Y: The Last Man' - Bent Corner
Dr. Ross Geller and Marcel

Yes, Yorick has a monkey. Brian K. Vaughan must have been a fan of the early Friends episode when Ross had a pet monkey. I don’t know why anyone would want a pet monkey. They’re disgusting creatures. When I was in the Air Force and stationed in the Philippines, one of my supervisors had a pet monkey. It spent all day in the backyard vigorously masturbating.

Without men, the world spirals into chaos.  With no men around, there’s nobody to catch spiders or sexually harass women. How would women know when to smile without some guy telling them to?

I enjoyed reading the comic and then I didn’t. It started great, but then I felt like I was reading a comic that needed to exist for a set number of issues and the story was getting purposely stretched to meet that goal. It wasn’t the first Vertigo book I thought did this. I stopped reading Preacher when I realized time was slowing way down and it was spending too much time on secondary characters.

I eventually gave up on Y: The Last Man. I planned to eventually go back and finish reading it, but I never did. I still don’t know how it ends. I guess I’ll just watch the television show to find out.

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