The problem with WordPress and the global economy

I have a Google alert set up that notifies me when the word “payeezy” appears online. Payeezy is First Data’s e-commerce payment gateway. Sometimes it helps me find prospective clients for my freelance web developer business. Other times, it makes me want to pound my head into the sand. This post on Trulancer made me want to go to the beach or some other place with a lot of sand.

MJ from India wants someone to integrate the Payeezy payment gateway with WooCommerce on their WordPress website. For someone with this specific skillset, they’re offering a whopping $4 an hour. That’s what I made back in 1982 working at Burger King.

I worked for First Data for over seven years. I was a senior support agent for the Payeezy payment gateway. I authored a popular plugin hosted on the WordPress repository for Payeezy. I’ve been using and tinkering with WordPress for over ten years. I’m well versed in all aspects of WordPress.

It’s no surprise that the person hiring for this job is in India. I can guarantee that he is not the website owner, but another freelancer hired to do the integration. The real owners of the WordPress website most likely went to their local web developer who in turn posted the job online. The person he hired, MJ in India, then went to Trulancer and began trolling for someone they could hire for $4 an hour to do the job.

The real owners of the website probably have no idea the person connecting Payeezy to their website is getting paid only $4 an hour. They assume the work is being done by the person they hired to do it, the local web developer.

It’s hard to make a living in WordPress. This job posting is a prime example of the problems freelancers face when trying to get jobs working with WordPress. It’s not like WordPress developers in India are better than their American counterparts. They’re just ridiculously cheaper.

Author: Rick Rottman

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