Woman attacks her fellow Walmart Black Friday shoppers with pepper spray

A woman used pepper spray on her fellow Los Angeles area Walmart Black Friday shoppers last night in an attempt to get them away from merchandise she wanted. The attack happened shortly before 10:00 p.m. which technically isn’t even Black Friday, it’s still Thanksgiving.

People were in the store waiting for the Black Friday sales to begin. Video game consoles intended to be part of the Black Friday promotion were wrapped in plastic so that they couldn’t be purchased until the sale officially kicked off. Shoppers began ripping the plastic off the consoles and aggressively grabbing game consoles. People then began pushing and shoving and the scent of pepper spray began to fill the air. Around eight people were directly attacked with the pepper spray and needed medical treatment.

The woman who attacked her fellow Walmart shoppers with the pepper spray is still at large. Authorities say to be on the lookout for a woman who smells like pepper.

Let this be a lesson to anyone thinking of going Black Friday shopping in the future: You had better take a gas mask. I recommend the M17A2. It’s what I used in the Air Force. Granted, it’s a little old school, but it’s not like you need a mask to protect you from Soviet-era nerve toxins. This mask will work great against pepper spray. I wore it in a room filled with teargas and didn’t smell a thing. Even more impressively, I wore it in the latrine tents in Korea and didn’t smell anything there either.

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  1. I guess some people have gotton a bit pepper spray happy lately. Now would be a lucrative time to be a pepper spray vendor or sell defensive gear, I guess!

    I feel sorry for the clerks who had to work at that Walmart when it happened.

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