Winchester City Council says no to Hagerstown Suns

Looks like the Hagerstown Suns will be staying in Hagerstown at least a bit longer. The plan to build a stadium in Winchester, Virginia was killed Tuesday night by the Winchester City Council. They voted 8-0 against a proposal to transfer city land to an economic development agency for the purpose of building a minor league stadium.

No stadium, no minor league baseball team.

The Hagerstown Suns currently play baseball in Municipal Stadium, an 80-year-old eye-sore in dire need of an upgrade. Mayor Robert E. Bruchey wants to build a new ballpark in downtown Hagerstown, in an area with no parking, one-way streets, and a plethora of bail-bondsmen and section eight housing. The new ballpark would require the building of a multi-level parking garage in which fans would then pay for the privilege to park in.

Who doesn’t love to pay to park when attending a minor league baseball game?

I’m against the building of a new ballpark. I think it makes much more economic sense to put money into upgrading the existing ballpark then spending money on a new one. Not only would it be much more cost-effective, it would not result in yet another abandoned piece of commercial property in the city of Hagerstown. We already have too many empty buildings rotting, we don’t need to add a ballpark to the mix.

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