Why Maryland’s 7-day positivity percentage number is bogus

Why Maryland's 7-day COVID-19 positivity percentage is bogus

If you look at the COVID-19 numbers reported by the state of Maryland, you will notice the state’s 7-day positivity percentage is lower than it’s reported elsewhere. There’s a reason for that. It’s because the Larry Hogan administration is playing with the numbers.

The 7-day positivity percentage is supposed to reflect how many people test positive for COVID-19 out of all the people who get tested. The World Health Organization (WHO) developed the metric. They determined the recommended positivity rate should be at 5%. According to WHO, “A positivity rate over 5% indicates a state may only be testing the sickest patients who seek out medical care and are not casting a wide enough net to identify milder cases and track outbreaks.”

If 5% is the target states should strive for, what is the 7-day positivity percentage for Maryland? The Larry Hogan administration says it’s currently at 4.36 percent. Johns Hopkins University based in Baltimore, Maryland says it’s currently at 6.1 percent.

Why are the numbers different?

Larry Hogan’s administration altered the formula used by WHO and Johns Hopkins. Instead of counting the number of people tested, they count the number of tests conducted.

Why are those two not the same? Because it doesn’t take into account people who get tested multiple times in a 7-day timeframe. If a healthy person chooses to get tested every single day, the Hogan administration is counting that person seven times in a 7-day timeframe. Johns Hopkins is counting that same person once.

Why does Larry Hogan act as he knows more than anyone at Johns Hopkins?

I don’t understand why Gov. Hogan and the people that work for him think they know more than Johns Hopkins University. One of the reasons I like living in Maryland is I have access to some of the best doctors on this side of the Mississipi. Johns Hopkins is one of the best medical research universities in the world. Imagine being Larry Hogan and believing you know better than any of the medical research experts at Johns Hopkins.

It’s embarrassing.

Larry Hogan fancies himself to be a contender for the 2024 Republican Presidential nominee. He even wrote a book describing what a wonderful leader he is. It’s because of this presidential pipe dream of his, everything he does is meant to make himself look good. It doesn’t matter what it is, he will spin it so he comes off looking good.

He’ll even fudge the math.

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