Why is the novel of ‘The Last Jedi’ taking so long to publish?

The novel version of Star Wars: The Last Jedi doesn’t hit bookstores until March 6. That’s nearly two months from now. I don’t get it that.

When Star Wars first came out in 1977, the novel version hit bookstores before the movie hit the theaters. I know this because this is how I first consumed the Star Wars story. As a member the Assembly of God church, I was not allowed to attend movies.

Under the 1970’s teachings of the Assembly of God, attending a movie in a theatre was a sin. Reading a book based on a movie in the theatre, not a sin.

It was supposedly written by George Lucas, but everyone now says it was ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster. I believe them. It came out straight to paperback. I must have read it three or four times before I actually got to break the tenets of my church and see the movie.

This was when things in the Assembly of God church were becoming more relaxed. In retrospect, I believe the rule against movie going was rescinded. I can remember seeing a lot of movies after Star Wars came out. Out in the open and in the town I grew up. It was like there was nothing to hide.

If the novelization for the first Star Wars movie could be released at the same time as the first movie, why is it taking this long for the novelization of The Last Jedi to come out?

I don’t get that.

Now there are a few novels out now that are intended to coincide with the release of the movie, so perhaps they don’t want to muddy the waters with an over saturation of books. Maybe that’s it. Personally, I’m not buying that. The novel of the movie should be considered a separate thing than any of the tie-in books. Maybe you saw something in the movie that didn’t really make sense to you. For instance, Luke’s love of fresh dairy. That was kind of weird. You could then pick up the official tie-in book written by Jason Frey and read the section you don’t quite fully understand.

Something like that.


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